09 September 2010

New Keith Emerson Band DVD w/Marc Bonilla

Keith Emerson is hailed as a keyboard legend. He is known as one of the most prominent leaders in the progressive rock movement, fusing rock ‘n’ roll with a myriad of musical styles, such as classical, jazz and world music.

Marc Bonilla has played guitar and toured with Toy Matinee as well as recording two critically acclaimed guitar instrumental albums. For over a decade he has composed and performed for numerous television shows such as Justified, The PJ’s and 90210 as well as major motion pictures including Iron Man 2, The Replacements, Scorpion King, and Falling Down, collaborating with such notables as James Newton Howard, John Debney, Joel McNeely and Snuffy Walden, and receiving an Emmy award nomination in 2001 for his score for David Milch’s Big Apple.

Filmed 2008 in Moscow, Russia with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Last year marked Keith Emerson’s return as composer and performer with the highly acclaimed CD, The Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla. This DVD captures the live recordings of six songs from that CD.

Highlights include re-workings of several classic ELP tracks such as a full version of “Tarkus,” “Karn Evil 9,” “Lucky Man,” “Bitches Crystal” and “The Barbarian.” What distingushes these new arrangements has been the addition of guitar wizard, Marc Bonilla, both as singer and co-arranger. When interviewed recently Keith confessed that these new re-constructions with guitar reflected more accurately the way he had originally envisioned them.

Besides Emerson and Bonilla, the band members include drummer Tony Pia (who has played with Edgar Winter, Brian Setzer, and is currently with the Doobie Brothers) and multi-faceted newcomer Travis Davis on bass and backing vocals.

1. Karn Evil 9 (1st impression)
2. Piano Concerto (3rd movement)
3. Bitches Crystal
4. Malambo
5. Touch And Go
6. Lucky Man
7. Miles Away (pt.1)
8. Miles Away (pt. 2)
9. Crusaders Cross
10. Fugue
11. Marche Train
12. Finale
13. The Barbarian
14. Tarkus
15. Nutrocker

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Anonymous said...

Whew! Bet that was a good show!
I wonder if Carl Palmer and Greg Lake were in the audience!