29 September 2010

Jose Carballido: 'Te extrañare' video released

I just got this e-mail from Daniel Añón Fernández, who played on Jose Carballido’s wonderful album Requiem (review here: http://billsprogblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/cd-review-jose-carballido-requiem-2010.html):

“Hi Bill. I'm Daniel, the guitarist from Carballido's Requiem…I send you this mail to show you the clip from "Te extrañare". We recorded a month ago in a theater and Jose himself plays the part of the man who lost his wife. The video was conceived like a short, showing images of the happy couple before the death and later, the man and his wife's ghost, and images of the group with the choir in a theater.

The clip was filmed by an amateur director from Galicia and all the characters were played by Galician actors as you could see in the credits.”

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