24 September 2010

White Willow: Signal to Noise demos available for download

Something interesting for those of you who dig White Willow perhaps as much as I do:

From Jacob Holm-Lupo:

“I was browsing through an old computer and found the demos I made at home for Signal to Noise. These were made for two reasons only: So that I would remember how the song went once I had written it, and to help the band learn their parts and ponder additions or changes. So it all sounds pretty bad, with ridiculous drum programming and my own anti-vocals. But some of you might find some kind of interest in hearing what the songs sounded like before they passed through the filter of the band and the producer. Many things were definitely gained through that filtering process. Some very few things may have been lost. You decide. I put it together as a digital album download package. Enjoy!”

Hit up the band’s website for a cool selection of demos for the band’s 2006 album!

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