20 September 2010

Magma Monday (not quite) 11

Welcome to Just Another Magma Monday. Once a week, your obd’t narrator and occasional blogger will trawl the expanses of his Magma collection to discuss something of Zeuhl-ish importance. Whether it’s the studio albums, the best of the AKT archive releases, one of the sundry live DVDs, or a choice artifact from his ‘unofficial’ collection, one thing is for sure…for this writer, Magma iss de hundin!

This week, sit back and relax as we take a breather courtesy of someone's terminal inability to prep an article properly for posting today...

Yes, I admit it.

I forgot to get a piece ready for today.

It was a long weekend, what can I say?

As a way of making it up to you, I'll again dig into my photo archives and offer up a gallery of photos from Magma's NEARfest 2003 performance. Look at it this way...if you're going to see Magma in concert tonight in NYC, it'll be a nice way to get some excitement going!

More photos from this set can be found here:


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Assaf Vestin said...

We're seeing them tonight. Read wonderful comments about their DC show over at Prog Ears and Prog Archives.