06 September 2010

Camel News: Latimer health, new DVD, new album!

One of the most commented posts I've ever put up here had to do with the health of Camel guitarist/vocalist Andrew Latimer. It's thus that I feel very happy posting this bit of excerpts from the most recent Camel Productions eBeast newsletter:

Andrew's Health

This is officially the last time we will talk about Andrew's health. The bone marrow transplant has been a complete success, and I think the dark days are well and truly behind us. As I've said in past newsletters, he continues to have some challenges to face, but he is a strong-willed individual, and he will find way to overcome them. So, it's no longer about health problems. It's about the music...

The Opening Farewell

Andrew and Denis have now finished work on the DVD, and Denis has completed mixing the audio. Once all editing and mastering is complete, we'll send the masters off to the plant and it will be a matter of weeks before it's on sale in our shop.

Track listing:

Lady Fantasy
Lunar Sea
Another Night
Hymn to Her
Spirit of the Water
Stationary Traveller
Slow yourself Down
Mother Road
Rhayader goes to town
For Today

Time: 2 hrs 7 mins
Format: NTSC*
Region: 0 (no restrictions)
(*This format will play on all equipment enabled for NTSC)

It would be hard to believe this was from 2003 had we not been through such an intense passage of time since then. In my darkest hour, I had not wanted to even consider releasing it posthumously. And so, it is with tremendous pleasure, that I announce the pending release of this DVD.

In The Meantime...

In between work on the DVD, Andrew and Denis have been writing material for the next Camel album. It is still in an embryonic state, but the two seem to be expanding their musical relationship and lots of good sounds have been emitting from the studio of late. No definitive dates are going to be announced until a cohesive body of work has been created. However, I think it safe to say that a Camel album is in the future and I, for one, am just about breathless with anticipation.

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