24 September 2010

After Crying and Vedres Csaba to reunite at GoPROGFest

This just in from Luis Loureiro, one of the organisers of the Gouveia Prog Festivals:

After more than a decade and a half after their split, AFTER CRYING and VEDRES CSABA will meet onstage to play together!! 

It was in '94 that AFTER CRYING released their classic "Föld és ég", an album that progressive music fans still regard as one of their musical strongest statements. After that, pianist, vocalist and composer Vedres Csaba decided to leave the band and to pursue his own ideas. 

We all know what happened from then on: After Crying started changing their artistical approach, from a neoclassical background to a more rock-oriented frame, providing us with another set of great records. Also, Vedres took on his own composing ground and developed it in a rock environment, with Townscream, as well as going deeper into his classical views, solo or with projects such as the Kairosz Kvartet.

Sixteen years after AFTER CRYING and VEDRES decided to go separate ways, the GOUVEIA ART ROCK organization asked both to play the 2010 edition of the festival. Due to the unexpected events you may still remember, related to the european airspace shutdown caused by the icelandic volcano ash cloud, it was impossible for all of them to make their air trip to Portugal, last April. But we insisted, they said "yes", and here we are, on the verge of Gouveia's autumn progressive festival GoPROGFest. Next October 23rd, the legendary AFTER CRYING and VEDRES CSABA will meet again, on stage, and are set to play together for the sake of their fabulous musical legacy and the sake of our pure pleasure as music fans.

Are you ready??

GoPROGFest'10 - 2010Oct23 Gouveia, Portugal

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