28 September 2010

NewEARS and BostonProg present Edensong at the Magic Room

On Saturday, October 16th, New York based orchestral rockers Edensong will take the stage at the Magic Room in Brighton, MA. The show, sponsored by NewEARS will be Edensong's first time performing in Massachusetts. The show begins at 8pm with a performance by the acoustic guitar duo Kangaralien (www.kangaralien.com). Tickets are $20 in advance and available directly from the NewEARS website (www.newears.org). Seating is limited, so order your tickets early!

Edensong (www.edensongtheband.com) recently released their half live, half studio album Echoes of Edensong: From the Studio and Stage. For their show at MARPROG 2010 and the Magic Room, they will play tracks from the new CD along with songs from their critically acclaimed debut album The Fruit Fallen (2008) and even some brand new, unreleased material. Over the past year and a half, the band has had the opportunity to play both nationally and internationally, as well as in their hometown of New York. Their festival appearances at Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival in Pittsburgh, PA (www.3rprogfest.com), Progday in Chapel Hill, NC (www.progday.net), and Convention Terra Incognita in Quebec City, QC helped to gain Edensong a loyal following among progressive rock enthusiasts. Edensong is thrilled to bring their energetic live show to MARPROG and the Magic Room in October. For more information on Edensong, please visit the band's official website (www.edensongtheband.com), myspace page (www.myspace.com/edensong), or facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/edensongtheband). 

You can stream their entire catalog for free at the Edensong webstore: www.edensong.bandcamp.com."

(Photo from Edensong's Facebook)

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