31 March 2008

Magma: debut concert of new lineup

A report from someone in attendance at the show:

Grenoble (France), MC2
Grenoble Jazz Festival
26 March 2008

The début concert by the new Magma line-up, with latest recruits Hervé Aknin on vocals and Bruno Ruder on keyboards. The former isn't featured prominently, so we'll have to wait until the band return to a more "traditional" repertoire to judget his merits; Bruno Ruder, obviously, is more to the forefront, and his contributions (for instance the Rhodes solo on "Hhaï") have a more distinctly "jazz" flavour. Like the previous concert in February at Paris' Cité de la Musique, the second set consisted of jazzier material. It's interesting as it does feature the whole band, but ultimately I find it sounds more like Offering than Magma, and is less original and fulfilling at Vander's classic epics. It was probably easier to "learn" for Ruder in the few short weeks he had at his disposal, so it's probably just as well, practically speaking.

1. Emehnteht-Rê (incl. Rindôh, Hhaï & Zombies) (C.Vander) (55:31)
2. Lonnie's Lament (J.Coltrane, arr. B.Alziary) (14:45)

3. For Tomorrow (McCoy Tyner) (12:38)

4. Day After Day (C.Vander) (14:56)


5. "La Ballade" (C.Vander) (10:49)

Christian Vander - drums, lead vocals on "Hhaï" & "La Ballade"

Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois & Hervé Aknin - vocals

James MacGaw - guitar

Bruno Ruder - Fender Rhodes & synthesizer

Philippe Bussonnet - bass

Benoît Alziary - vibraphone & Fender Rhodes

30 March 2008

Per Request: Moody Blues concert dates

Mon 03/31/08 Fort Myers, FL Barbara B. Mann Perf. Arts Hall
Tue 04/01/08 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Cafe / Hard Rock Live

Tue 04/15/08 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre

Wed 04/16/08 Panama City, FL Marina Civic Center

Fri 04/18/08 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium

Sat 04/19/08 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Sun 04/20/08 Greenville, SC Peace Center Concert Hall

Mon 04/21/08 Baltimore, MD Lyric Opera House

Tue 04/22/08 Hershey, PA Hershey Theatre

Thu 04/24/08 Morristown, NJ The Community Theatre At Mayo Center For The Performing Arts

Fri 04/25/08 Upper Darby, PA Tower Theatre

Sat 04/26/08 Easton, PA State Theatre Center For The Arts

Sun 04/27/08 Providence, RI Providence Perf. Arts Ctr.

Mon 09/22/08 Edinburgh, UK Edinburgh Playhouse

Tue 09/23/08 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Newcastle City Hall

Wed 09/24/08 Manchester, UK Apollo Manchester

Fri 09/26/08 Nottingham, UK Royal Centre

Sat 09/27/08 Birmingham, UK The NEC Arena

Sun 09/28/08 Bristol, UK Bristol Hippodrome

Tue 09/30/08 Cardiff, UK St. David's Hall

Wed 10/01/08 Plymouth, UK Plymouth Pavilions

Fri 10/03/08 Ipswich, UK Ipswich Regent Theatre

Sat 10/04/08 Bradford, UK St. George's Concert Hall

Mon 10/06/08 London, UK Royal Albert Hall

Fri 10/10/08 Oxford, UK New Theatre Oxford

Sat 10/11/08 Brighton, UK The Brighton Centre

Sun 10/12/08 Bournemouth, UK Bournemouth International Centre

CHEER-ACCIDENT Comes To ProgDay 2008

CHEER-ACCIDENT have been identified with (and some say creators of) the Chicago post-rock scene since their formation in 1981. Multi-instrumentalst THYMME JONES has led the band through many incarnations since then, along with guitarist JEFF LEIBERSHER who joined in 1988. Between 1981 and the present the group has constantly progressed and experimented with different styles, from complex prog to progressive pop, to noise and sound collages.

Along the way they have worked with virtually everyone in the underground Chicago scene, from famed producer/engineer STEVE ALBINI to JIM O'ROURKE (GASTR DEL SOL, WILCO, SONIC YOUTH, etc.). The band released its 14th album, What Sequel?, in 2006. Produced by JOHN McENTIRE (TORTOISE, SEA AND CAKE), "Sequel" features the band again exploring the prog/pop landscape with their unique, unclassifiable approach.

CHEER-ACCIDENT are coming to Progday with guns blazing, in the form of an expanded 7-piece lineup that we're sure you won't want to miss!

Check out the band's myspace site at:

ProgDay 2008 is the 14th edition of the world's longest running progressive rock festival. Performances will take place on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 30, and Sunday, August 31. For more information please visit our website at

28 March 2008

No real post today, readers...

Sorry for the no post day today...we're getting ready to camp out for NEARfest tickets. This has been an annual tradition for the past few years, and it's usually a lot of fun. This year will (hopefully) be the seventh festival for us, and the line up for the tenth annual festival is a good one, with several bands I am particularly interested in seeing.

Regular transmission will resume late Saturday or sometime Sunday.

Thanks for understanding. And...

Wish us luck :-)

EDIT 31 March 2008: forgot to add in that we were in fact successful and acquired the necessary
Eintrittskarten to attend! 3 months to go, roughly :-)

27 March 2008

REMINDER: Thinking Plague 2008 European Tour dates

March 29 - Le Triton - 11 bis, rue du Coq Francais - 93260, Les Lilas (Paris) France (metro: Mairie des Lilas) Time: 21:00 (9:00pm)

Tuesday, April 1 - Kulturhaus Cairo - Burkarderstr. 44, Wurzburg, Germany (49) 931 285 333

Wednesday, April 2 - Geneva, Switzerland - L'Usine, 4 Places des Volontaires, 1204 Geneve, Suisse - Tel.: 022 781 34 90
http://www.usine.ch Time: 21:00 (9:00pm)
Opener: What's Wrong With Us - it's a CD release event for their latest CD "Cat's Claw"
(produced by Bob Drake)

Thursday, April 3 - Legend 54 Club, Viale Enrico Fermi 2/6 Â Milano:

Sunday, April 6 - Gouveia Art Rock Festival - Gouveia, Portugal
Start time 5:00pm

Three Rivers Prog Fest lineup

From 3RP website



There are more acts to come. Other Performing Bands will be listed
shortly. STAY TUNED!!!!!!

Spock's Beard
The Flower Kings



California Guitar Trio

The Mandrake Project




Feel free to send us e-mails. We are interested in making
connections with all the patrons.


Best Regards, to all Proggers!!!!!!

Howard Levy

3RP Promotions - President

26 March 2008

Summers End festival updates

The Summers End Festival is delighted to announce that Abel Ganz will play the third slot on Sunday 28th September. The resurgent Scots will shortly release their eagerly awaited new album Shooting Albatross, which features guest appearances from former band member Alan Reed of Pallas and Chris Fry of Magenta. The album combines melodic prog with delicious Celtic textures and promises to be one of the releases of 2008.


The current festival line up now looks like this, with 4 bands still to be announced:

Friday 26th
September - Threshold (UK - headliner) www.thresh.net
Support band TBC

Saturday 27th

IQ (UK - headliner)
Magenta (UK - special guests)
Quidam (Poland )
Abarax (Germany)
Opening band TBC

Sunday 28th

The Tangent (UK / Sweden - headliner)
Frost* (UK - special guests)
Abel Ganz (UK)
Other two bands TBC

The 2008 festival will take place on the evening of Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September, at the Hall, Lydney, with 1, 2 or 3 day tickets available. There are no age restrictions.

More details of the festival, including further bands, ticket sales, accommodation, and sponsorship packages will be released very soon.

24 March 2008

Another new Ayreon release...this time with Avantasia

On January 25, 2008 the rock operas of Arjen Lucassen and Tobias Sammet, respectively Ayreon’s 01011001 and Avantasia’s The Scarecrow, were released simultaneously. The music press, always eager for a story, called this event the ‘Clash of the Titans’, gleefully portraying the two musicians as bitter rivals and urging each to comment on the other in countless interviews. There was much speculation about which album would be more successful, but upon release both albums immediately charted in several countries around the world.

When asked about the so-called rivalry, Arjen explains: “I’d not yet even heard Tobias’s album, but when I found out he’d managed to get my all-time favourite artist Alice Cooper to guest on The Scarecrow, I totally freaked out and sent a hate-mail to Tobias’s MySpace. Fortunately, he never received it”. Coincidentally however, Tobias, who was fed up with having to talk about Arjen in interviews, grudgingly decided it was time to get acquainted. He emailed Arjen, and in the stream of email and insults that followed “it turned out that Tobias hated me just as much for having got Bruce Dickinson to guest on an Ayreon album, haha!” Arjen explains. Despite their mutual hatred, the two musicians eventually hatched a plan to put some fuel on the fire created by the press by doing the unthinkable: recording a song together. The result is a mind-blowing over-the-top cover version of "Elected," the original version of which was a big hit for Alice Cooper back in 1973.

The song "Elected" will be featured on a 4-track EP released by Inside Out Music/SPV (release dates: 25 April for Germany/Austria/Switzerland; 28 April for Europe). The 3 other tracks featured on the EP are an acoustic live radio session of the 01011001 track "E=MC2" with Marjan Welman on vocals, "Ride the Comet" taken from the album 01011001, and a touching piano-only version of the Human Equation track "Day Six: Childhood" featuring Joost van den Broek and Marjan Welman.

21 March 2008

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum updates (incl. tour dates)

New Shows / Weddings / Documentaries

New shows! Are they not grand?! We promise to play each of these shows with great fervor. In fact, with increasingly greater fervor, until we combust. On stage! (all shows, with the exception of Vancouver, will feature the talented Mr. Jason Webley for your listening and dancing pleasure)

We then will be attending the wedding of our famous illuminator, Mr. Allen Wilner! Sorry ladies!

And then, for the ladder half of July, the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum will be filming a short, documentary feature: The Last Human Being.

And don't worry, rest of America. We are coming your way in the fall. Promise you.

In Glorious Times,

The Museum

7 / 3 / 08 - Neumos, Seattle, WA
7 / 4 / 08 - The Plaza, Vancouver BC
7 / 5 / 08 - Dantes, Portland OR
7 / 9 / 08 - The Troubador, Los Angeles, CA
7 / 10 / 08 - Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

OPINION: Some varied thoughts on the current state of progressivemusic in the United States

NB: I don't claim to have better answers (or any answers) or greater insight into the state of the music industry than anyone else out there. I'm just this guy, you know? What I do have is 20 years of listening to this music, and a sincere love of the genre. Well, and a huge CD collection, but that's beside the point.

The following are taken, with occasional edits/additions, from a series of e-mail exchanges I have been having with the US PR rep of a major independent progressive music label. I'm not going to say who, or which label, because ultimately that is unimportant. You may or may not agree with what I have to say. I encourage commentary and reply.

Italics are the rep, bold is me:

'We need to see a prog resurgence here in the US.'

The realist in me says it won't happen.

Of course, I'd love to see bands that play progressive music (including groups that play material that looks back to the traditional symphonic sound) selling huge amounts of records, but I think in general the bleeding edge of progressive is going to be bands using it as a springboard. I know it's in vogue to label bands like Tool and The Mars Volta and Radiohead as progressive, and when compared to the mass of dross that make up most top 40/100 music, they certainly are. But I fear the days of a band sounding like Yes landing an 8 minute long track in top 40 radio are long gone.

(additional note to this posting: lest you think this a strange statement to make, consider this: at one point, WPST 97.5 FM in the US, which is unabashedly a top 40/today's hot hits format station, once or twice had Pennsylvania progressive rock band echolyn on live in the studio, and used to frequently play the unedited album version of Yes' 'Roundabout' as part of a 2-fer with 'Love Will Find a Way' or 'Shoot High, Aim Low' in 1988-1989.)

Here on the east coast, we're very lucky to have fests like ROSfest and NEARfest (which I attend every year) and Progday...as well as the new 3 Rivers Fest in Pittsburgh. But they're not enough to break new bands...if you want to get ticket sales, you need old bands the core audience (35 to 55, male) have heard of. We all pay lip service to new bands and new sounds, but what sells best? Catalogue Yes and Tull and ELP and Kansas releases. The fifteenth reissue of Leftoverture will sell 150,000 copies while the new Riverside may sell in the 4 figures here in the US. It's sad, it's incredibly telling, and it shows how marginalised the genre has gotten.

I do what I can...I think it is going to become increasingly important to push newer bands without relying on comparisons to the past. It may be hard on old time fans, but...

...I mean there are great new prog bands, but they will never get the recognition that they deserve at least over here in the states.

No airplay. And for all we do for PR (all the various websites, like Progscape, MSJ, Sea of Tranquility, Progarchives, ProgressiveEars, et cetera), all they end up doing is preaching to the converted. And the converted resists new...unless it sounds like the old. (additional to this posting: unless they are a new converted listener of progressive music who has been introduced to the genre via bands like Dream Theater or Symphony X, in which case the old stuff just sounds...old. And not technically intense enough. And not heavy enough. And why did Dream Theater have to open for Yes, anyway, when they're so much more awesome and metal?) And there's definitely nothing wrong with retro-prog...a great bit of my collection includes newer bands that look back at the traditional sympho-prog sound. I think the next big shift in progressive music is really going to come from the fringes...extreme bands like Opeth and Enslaved, with Opeth getting exposure this summer on the Progressive Nation tour with Dream Theater...and electronic music. I mean, Can is being sampled in rap songs, with attribution. Kate Bush is being hailed by people like the guys in Outkast, and getting covered by bands like Placebo. Crimson and Tull and Yes touring can only do so much.

And I was one of those kids who didn't know anything 10 or 15 years ago...I thought progressive music was gone. Until I went to an ELP/Tull show, and discovered Progression magazine, and found out there were hundreds...perhaps thousands...of new bands creating music that held some connection to the music I loved. I discovered Spock's Beard and echolyn and Mastermind and a dozen other bands...then found a hundred bands I never heard of that were contemporaries of Yes and Crimson and the like...and as pleased as I was to find this vast and poorly tapped vein of wonder, it was frustrating and depressing at the same time.

I'm a voice in the wilderness, trying to talk up the music. I play it all the time at work, and occasionally someone asks what it is I am listening to. And I can only hope that someone gets turned on and buys a CD.

20 March 2008

YES: Close to the Edge and Back Tour dates

Close to the Edge and Back Tour

North America 2008

July 12: Quebec City, QUE - Quebec City Festival

July 13: Toronto, ONT - Molson Amphitheatre

July 15: Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena

July 16: Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium & Star Pavilion

July 18: Chicago, IL - Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island

July 19: Detroit, MI - Freedom Hill

July 22: Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena

July 23: Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion

July 25: Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata Event Center

July 26: Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach Theater

July 28: Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

July 29: Baltimore, MD - Pier 6 Pavilion

July 31: Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre

Aug 1: Miami, FL - Hard Rock Live Arena

Aug 2: Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live

Aug 4: Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park

Aug 6: Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre

Aug 8: Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Aug 9: Dallas, TX -
Superpages.com Center
Aug 11: Denver, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Aug 14: Vancouver, BC - General Motors Place

Aug 15: Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater at Qwest Field Events Center

Aug 19: Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View

Aug 20: Anaheim, CA - Honda Center

Aug 22: Universal City, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre

19 March 2008

Zappa Plays Zappa 2008 dates announced

Fri 06/06/08 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Sat 06/07/08 Omaha, NE Witherspoon Concert Hall
Sun 06/08/08 Lawrence, KS Wakarusa Festival
Mon 06/09/08 Saint Louis, MO The Pageant
Wed 06/11/08 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
Thu 06/12/08 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
Fri 06/13/08 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre

appearing at "Bonnaroo Music Festival"
Sat 06/14/08 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Festival Grounds

appearing at "Rothbury Festival"
Thu 07/03/08 Rothbury, MI Double JJ Resort

Zappa Plays Zappa
Fri 07/04/08 Kitchener, ON Elements
Sun 07/06/08 Quebec City, QC International Summer Festival

appearing at "Common Ground Festival"
Tue 07/08/08 Lansing, MI Adado Riverfront Park

appearing at "Gathering Of The Vibes"
Fri 08/01/08 Bridgeport, CT Seaside Park

Zappa Plays Zappa
Sat 08/02/08 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground - Ballroom
Wed 08/06/08 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Fri 08/08/08 Westbury, NY North Fork Theatre At Westbury
Sat 08/09/08 Peekskill, NY Paramount Center For The Arts

Holding Pattern: first band signed for Progday 2008

Driven by the guitar virtuosity of TONY SPADA, HOLDING PATTERN's powerful and energetic prog-fusion first hit the scene in 1981. Their music recalled the best of the instrumental prog and fusion bands of the 1970s and they built a loyal following of prog rock fans around the world during the 1980s. The band split in 1992, but Tony Spada continued to play and record as a solo artist, sharing the stage with many progressive rock icons and headlining his own shows. Interest in Tony's solo career spurred HOLDING PATTERN to reform in 2005. Join HOLDING PATTERN as they burn up the ProgDay stage with old favorites and tunes from their new reunion album, "Breaking The Silence."

"...this is a mature and highly original work by seasoned musicians at the height of their creative powers, and Tony's guitar work...is second to none. If you enjoy instrumental progressive rock with beautiful melodies and inventive solos, then this is certainly for you!" - ZNR

"This is a refreshing instrumental amalgam of sounds that at times evokes HAPPY THE MAN, THE DREGS, and GENESIS - often within the same song! Highly recommended. " - Ken Golden, The Laser’s Edge

ProgDay 2008 is the 14th edition of the world's longest running progressive rock festival. Performances will take place on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 30, and Sunday, August 31. For more information please visit our website at www.progday.com.

18 March 2008

Flower Kings: Roine announced new permanent drummer

From The Flower Kings Official website:

OK flowerheads, I suppose it is about time to let you in on what is cooking in the FLOWERKINGS camp......we most certainly have a new drummer in the band, his name is Erik Hammarstöm, he is from Stockholm, he is 32 years old and have played drums for 25 years.

He is a terrific drummer (needless to say), we were all in awe after his "audition"so all fans will be VERY pleased, he is a bit of every drummer we've had, all the best bits. (yeah that's right, Dr. Frankenstien put him together of our drummer leftovers!)

(Please don't ask us why we change drummers like others change underware.....
it's just the way it is, I guess that's what it takes to live up to being the Spinal Tap of prog !!)

However Erik Hammarström is great and hopefully he will be around for quite some time ( but one never knows, before you know it he'll combust, or levitate .....or just teleport to Mars, I'm afraid that's the price you've gotta pay to be in this band.

And yes, did I tell you he can drum?

The fact that the first track on the "demo" he sent me was Frank Zappa's "Black Page" tells a bit about his calibre.....!!!

As it is now Erik's first gig will be at the Loreley festival in Germany on July 19th.

We'll be doing some more shows, can't tell eggsagtly where (Happy Easter btw.) but check this space for updates.

Anyone eager to hear more of "The Sum Of No Evil" live ???

Then later this year we'll be recording a new TFK CD with Erik......now THAT will be a thrill!!!


17 March 2008

2 more bands signed for Summers End Festival

Summers End is delighted to confirm Quidam and Abarax as the latest additions to the Festival.

Quidam were one of the first Polish progressive bands to gain international prominence in the mid 90s. Their music has always been highly melodic, with flute a major part of their sound, but their recent material has introduced a strong contemporary feel, with great song writing accompanying epic instrumental passages. Their latest album, "Alone Together", released in 2007, has been hailed as their finest yet. The band will take the third Saturday slot, just prior to Magenta's appearance.

Having had to postpone their appearance at the festival for a year Abarax, from Germany, will finally take their place in the line up. The band play symphonic progressive rock with its feet in Pink Floyd territory, typified by the fabulous, fluid guitar of Dennis Grasekamp. Their album, the concept piece "The Crying of the Whales" is highly recommended. The band will play in the second slot on Saturday afternoon.

We also have exciting news about the headline appearance of the Tangent. Guy Manning will now take his place in the line up for the festival, meaning that Summers End is likely to be the only live appearance by the full band anywhere in 2008!

16 March 2008

NEARfest: Passing the Torch

NEARfest is happy to announce Jim Robinson, Ray Loboda and Kevin Feeley as the successors to the management of the festival. In January, co-founders Chad Hutchinson and Rob LaDuca made public their plans to retire from the festival after 10 great years at the helm. Following the 2008 event, Jim, Ray and Kevin will take over as the new guard. NEARfest will carry on with the same diversity that has made it so successful over the past decade. With the changeover will also come new ideas to help move NEARfest forward into its next phase.

Jim Robinson grew up playing various musical instruments, including trumpet, french horn and bass - even taking lessons from Dave LaRue (Steve Morse Band, Dixie Dregs) at one point. Jim founded the New Jersey Proghouse in 1999 (then called the Central New Jersey Music Showcase) after being inspired by his attendance at the very first NEARfest that same year. Since then, Jim has teamed up with Ray and Kevin among others, to develop the NJ Proghouse into a successful concert series. Since 1999, Jim as been the "official" head-cracker at NEARfest, but in recent years has assumed an important role in transportation. Jim's relationships with both domestic bands and labels, as well as running the NJ Proghouse and being a member of the ProgDay band commitee for three years, has given him a vast amount of experience on which he can build on with his new role with NEARfest.

Ray Loboda grew up in the '70s listening to progressive rock music and emulating his heroes in cover bands. Ray has been a NEARfest-goer since 1999 and never looked back. He met his good friend and cohort Jim Robinson at the NEARfest ticket day luncheon in 2000 and the two formed a strong bond in their common loves for prog rock, prog metal and especially Kansas. Ray and his wife Noreen supported the NJ Proghouse for a few years before becoming members of what Ray eventually donned the "Staph." Ray has forged many important friendships over the years with the likes of The Flower Kings, Riverside, Knight Area and echolyn, not to mention many record executives and band managers. Ray was also a member of the NEARfest transportation crew and the ProgDay band committee with Jim. Ray's business sense and PR skills will serve him well as he steps into the NEARfest management fold.

Kevin Feeley is instantly recognized by his snowy white hair and beard. Kevin has been the production manager for NEARfest since 2004 and can be seen pacing the stage with his headset often during the weekend. Kevin's professional background as both an audio engineer and a production manager allow him to run the stage at NEARfest as a well-oiled machine. In the past, Kevin has worked live concert and corporate events such as Grammy-winning artists like Steel Pulse and Spyro Gyra, the JVC Jazz Festival in Europe with Roberta Flack, the Bush/Quayle Inaugural and the first Clinton/Gore Inaugural. On a fan level, Kevin has been supporting progressive music since the early 70s by attending such shows as ELP's "Brain Salad Surgery Tour" and Yes' "Close to the Edge" tour. Kevin is a member of the NJ Proghouse Staph, providing audio and production services and equipment. Kevin also met his long-time girlfriend Suzan Picard at the smolderingly hot NEARfest 2000 preshow while watching Echolyn perform. In his four years with NEARfest, Kevin has brought may great ideas to the show helping it to become the smooth operation that it today. He also found us our great video technician Matthew Walker. Kevin's knowledge of the inner workings of the technical side of the festival make him an easy choice to help carry on the flame. And speaking of flames, he also makes fantastic hot wings.

15 March 2008

FISH: Official tour dates

24 Hours later...

June 9th -
The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA, USA. Tickets on sale March 16th
June 10th -
House Of Blues: Los Angeles, CA, USA. Tickets on sale March 15th
June 12th -
Fox Theatre: Boulder, CO, USA. Tickets on sale March 22nd
June 14th -
Shank Hall: Milwaukee, WI, USA
June 15th -
Park West: Chicago, IL, USA
June 16th -
House Of Blues: Cleveland, OH, USA. Tickets on sale March 21st
June 18th -
BB Kings: New York, NY, USA. Tickets on sale March 21st
June 20th -
NEARfest X: Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA, USA
June 21st -
The Fillmore @ Tla: Philadelphia, PA, USA. Tickets on sale March 21st
June 22nd -
9:30 Club: Washington DC, USA
June 24th -
Toads Place: New Haven, CT, USA
June 25th -
Paradise Rock Club: Boston, MA, USA. Tickets on sale March 22nd
June 27th -
Cabaret Du Capitole: Quebec City, PQ, Canada. Tickets on sale March 20th
June 28th -
Le National: Montreal, PQ, Canada. Tickets on sale March 20th
June 29th -
Mod Club: Toronto, ON, Canada. Tickets on sale March 27th

14 March 2008

Banco forced to bow out of Baja Prog

Due to health concerns (Vittorio Nocenzi is currently dealing with hypertensive heart disease), Italian prog heavyweights Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso have been forced to bow out from their performance at Baja Prog 2008.

It's incredibly unfortunate, of course, and I only hope that Nocenzi can rest, recuperate, and be back on his feet for the two later dates in North America this year (NEARfest and FMPM). From a personal standpoint, I find it somewhat unfortunate that Baja Prog has decided to post Nocenzi's doctor's note to their website...it smacks of a bit of bitterness that I find unpalatable. I don't pretend to know anything about any past history of bad blood between the festival and the band (I don't know everything :-) ), but I believe the whole situation could habe been handles with a bit more tact and class.

In any event, we obviously wish Nocenzi nothing but the best in health for the future!

FISH: unofficial tour dates filtering in

Please note:

As mentioned, these are not officially announced dates. As always, the best information will be found on Fish's official website, The Company. However, the following dates have been bandied about/announced by the venues involved. All this is subject to change, and until such time as it is officially announced on Fish's website, should be taken with several grains of salt...preferably around a margarita glass...

2008 North American Tour (dates unofficial/TBC):
June 10 - Hollywood
June 14 - Milwaukee
June 15 - Chicago
June 20 - NearFest
June 25 - Boston

Fish's band for the 2008 tour is scheduled to be as follows:

Fish, lead vocals

Frank Usher, guitar

Chris Johnson, guitar

Steve Vantsis, bass guitar

Foss Paterson, keyboards

Gavin John Griffiths, drums and percussion

He is touring behind his newest release 13th Star, of which has been said:

Fish out of Marillion has finally made an album to eclipse the British rock stalwart's finer moments and easily the best of his solo career. 13th Star has the quality to be this year's less than guilty pleasure. Marvellous.

Colin Somerville, Scotland on Sunday, 10th Feb 2008

...a meditation on loss, the emotional resonance of songs such as 'Arc Of The Curve' making this his strongest work since his late '80s Marillion swansong Clutching At Straws.
Q magazine, April 2008 issue (Paul Elliott)

The record contains some of the musical highlights of 2007 - from the opening refrains of 'Circle Line' through the heavy riffage of 'Manchmal' all the way to the closing beauty of the title track.

Planet Rock, Feb 2008

13 March 2008

10th Anniversary Liquid Tension Experiment dates announced

In 1998 and 1999, Liquid Tension Experiment released two instrumental albums that set the prog world on fire. The project featured Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy & John Petrucci on drums & guitar (respectively), virtuoso keyboardist Jordan Rudess and bass legend Tony Levin.

After the success of the two albums and the project's undeniable chemistry, Rudess was asked to join Dream Theater full-time and the project was put on the shelf for an indefinite hiatis.... until now!

Back together for a select number of US dates, the quartet is reuniting to revisit the magical music they created 10 years ago and tap back into their chemistry for a whole new musical experiment!

Sat June 21st - Bethlehem, PA - NEARfest

Mon June 23rd - New York City - BB King's
Tickets On Sale Saturday March 15 12pm EST

Wed June 25th - Chicago, IL - Vic Theater
Ticketing info coming soon

Fri June 27th - Downey, CA - Downey Theater
Tickets On Sale Saturday March 15 8am PST - All seats reserved, first come first served
Tickets available ONLY at http://www.calprog.com (PayPal or major credit card)

Sat June 28th - San Francisco, CA - Bay Area Rock Fest

2 more bands announced for Summers End

We are delighted to confirm The Tangent and Magenta as the latest major additions to the Festival.

The Tangent have just released their fourth album Not as Good as the Book, which is being hailed as their finest yet. This Summers End appearance will feature a five-piece line up of Andy Tillison (keyboards, vocals), Jakko M. Jakszyk (guitar, vocals), Jonas Reingold (bass), Jaime Salazaar (drums) and Theo Travis (flute, sax). The band will headline the Sunday night of the Festival, September 28th.

Magenta have released 3 albums to wide critical acclaim since forming in 2001, and their latest, the remarkable Metamorphosis, will be released on April 21st. Well known for their high energy live performances, the band have thrilled audiences all over the world, including appearances at Baja Prog, Rosfest and Nearfest. The band will occupy the Special Guest slot on Saturday 27th September just prior to IQs headline appearance.

The current festival line up now looks like this, with 7 bands still to be announced:

Friday 26th September - Threshold (headliner) www.thresh.net
Saturday 27th - IQ (headliner) www.gep.co.uk/iq
Saturday 27th - Magenta (special guests) www.magenta-web.com
Sunday 28th - The Tangent (headliner) http://tangent.org
Sunday 28th - Frost* (special guests) http://thenewcube.blogspot.com/

The 2008 festival will take place on the evening of Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September, at the Hall, Lydney, with 1, 2 or 3 day tickets available. There are no age restrictions.

More details of the festival, including further bands, ticket sales, accommodation, and sponsorship packages will be released very soon.

12 March 2008

King Crimson returns to active duty

Posted by Sid Smith at DGM Live!:

Get along to your nearest travel agent quick as you like - King Crimson have confirmed the following dates marking their return to active service later this year.

Wednesday 6th August, Park West, Chicago
Thursday 7th August, Park West, Chicago
Friday 8th August Park West, Chicago
Monday 11th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Tuesday 12th August, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia
Thursday 14th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Friday 15th August, Nokia Theater, New York
Saturday 16th August, Nokia Theater, New York

We don't have details about tickets etc yet but check with the venues directly.

See you there?

07 March 2008

Soft Machine 1970 on DVD!

At long last the Soft Machine DVD featuring a live performance captured by French Television in 1970 is now available to purchase. The concert was filmed in March 1970 at the Theatre de la Musique in Paris France and features the line up of

Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals

Hugh Hopper - bass

Mike Ratledge - Lowrey organ & Hohner pianet

Elton Dean - alto sax & saxello

Lyn Dobson - soprano sax, flute, voice & harmonica

The set list is below and is certainly one to get long time admirers
of this most unique of British bands who are the acknowledged leaders of the "Canterbury Sound."

More details and a low quality sample can be seen at the website.

This release really is one for the fans of Soft Machine who are
universally considered to be the premier group of the Canterbury Scene.

Available for the first time EVER on DVD - never released on before
even on VHS the film has many plus points for the long time Soft Machine fan.

* Lovingly restored from the original master

* Sound track re mastered.

* 8 page booklet

* Extensive sleeve notes by Aymeric Leroy

* Approved by the band


Part 1 :

Facelift (18:57)

Eamonn Andrews (7:17)

Backwards / Mousetrap reprise (4:08)

Part 2 :

Out-Bloody-Rageous (15:45)

RW vocal improv (2:53)

Esther's Nosejob (9:53)

05 March 2008

Summer's End Festival 2008: IQ, Threshold, more!

We are delighted to announce that the 4th Summer's End, the UK's finest Progressive Rock Festival, will take place on the 26/27/28 September, at its new home at The Hall, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

We are also thrilled to announce the first 3 bands for the Festival:

Following their inspirational set at the festival last year, Threshold will make a welcome return to Summer's End as headliners on Friday 26th. With Damian Wilson now firmly re-established as vocalist, prog-metal's brightest stars have gone from strength to strength in the last 12 months. Their most recent album, Dead Reckoning, has been rapturously received by prog and metal fans alike.

Prog legends iQ will headline Saturday 27th September. 25 years into their prestigious career, iQ continue to excite audiences all over the world. A new album - the much anticipated follow up to 2004's Dark Matter - is in the works, which will be the first with new keyboard player, Mark Westworth.

Special guests on Sunday 28th will be Frost*, whose 2006 album, Milliontown, was a huge hit amongst prog and rock audiences worldwide. Their new album, Experiments in Mass Appeal, is due for release in 2008 and looks set to further enhance their reputation, adding the vocal talents of Declan Burke (Darwin's Radio) to the existing band of Jem Godfrey, John Mitchell, John Jowitt and Andy Edwards.

The Hall, Lydney
Lydney is on the edge of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, just 20 miles from Gloucester, 25 miles from Bristol and 40 miles from Cardiff and with excellent communications in every direction. The venue itself has a 400 capacity, with a comfortable atmosphere, great sound and a good-sized stage. Festival Co-organiser Huw Lloyd Jones explains the reasons for the move:

"The past 2 years at the Robin have been fantastic and we can't thank Mike Hamblett and his staff enough for their support and generosity. However, Summer's End was always conceived as a South-Western festival (our first edition was in Gloucester) and the time has come for us to move back home. The contacts we have established with local accommodation providers, combined with the charm of the venue, the town and the fabulous Forest of Dean will, we believe, deliver the best Summer's End yet."

The 2008 festival will take place on the evening of Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September, with 1, 2 or 3 day tickets available. There are no age restrictions.

More details of the festival, including further bands, ticket sales, accommodation, and sponsorship packages will be released very soon.

Visit us online at www.summersend.co.uk (to be updated soon)
www.myspace.com/summersendfestival (to be updated soon)

Join the yahoo group at: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/summersendfestival

04 March 2008

Reminder: Tiles and discipline. live this weekend

Tiles - http://www.tiles-music.com - returns for their first official live appearance in almost three years with a special showcase performance Sunday,March 9th at the Magic Bag Theater - http://www.themagicbag.com - in Detroit (Ferndale) - with special guests Discipline - http://www.strungoutrecords.com. The band's fifth CD "Fly Paper" was released January 29th on InsideOut/SPV and is building momentum with positive reviews from:

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles -
Dutch Progressive Rock Page -
Exclaim.ca - http://www.exclaim.ca/musicreviews/generalreview.aspx?csid1=118&csid2=846&fid1=29310
Music Street Journal -
Rock United -
Rock Report -
Metal Express Radio -
Glory Daze -
Room Thirteen -
Lords Of Metal -

"Fly Paper" was produced by Terry Brown, who is noted for his multi-platinum success with Rush, Cutting Crew and Fates Warning. Tiles' previous four releases: "tiles," "Fence the Clear," "Presents of Mind," and "Window Dressing" are available as part of InsideOut Music's Special Edition series. Each CD features a variety of previously unreleased songs, demos, and bootleg video; expanded packaging, photos, and liner notes; newly mastered audio from the original tapes; and bonus live material. It was 1999's "Presents of Mind" that propelled Tiles into the mainstream progressive rock scene garnering glowing endorsements from Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson and Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy - culminating in a three week European tour as special guests for Dream Theater.

http://www.tiles-music.com, http://www.myspace.com/tilesmusic or http://www.insideout.de for more information.

03 March 2008

New US/NA Prog Festival

3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival

"You are in store for a unique concert festival experience.

10 bands, 2 days - August 23 - 24, 2008
Large variety of outstanding musical performers
Bands from many areas of the USA and around the world.
Intimate setting, state of the art sound and lighting facility.
Food, drinks, and additional activities between bands outside in the 3RP BIG TENT.
Music vendors and record labels from all around the country.

More information to follow... stay tuned."

Script for a Jester's Tour

2008 marks the 25th anniversary of the classic Marillion debut Script For A Jester's Tear. Founding member Mick Pointer will celebrate the occasion with a live performance of the entire album. After the successful "try out" in Swindon (UK) last January, the rest of Europe gets the opportunity to experience this unique event in April 2008!

Besides Mick, the band consists of Nick Barrett (Pendragon) on guitars, Mike Varty (Credo) on keyboards, Ian Salmon on bass and Brian Cummins (Genesis tribute band The Carpet Crawlers) on vocals. In addition to the entire Script album, the set list will contain the songs "Charting The Single," "Three Boats Down From The Candy," "Market Square Heroes," "Grendel" and "Margaret."

The dates confirmed so far are:

16/04/08 UK Riffs Bar Swindon
17/04/08 NED Zoetermeer De Boerderij
18/04/08 GER Erfurt Gewerkschaftshaus
19/04/08 GER Cologne Live Music Hall
20/04/08 GER Lorsch Musiktheater Rex
21/04/08 GER Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal
22/04/08 GER Stuttgart LKA Longhorn
23/04/08 SUI Pratteln Z 7
24/04/08 BEL Verviers Spirit of 66
25/04/08 GER Bochum Zeche
26/04/08 NED Uden De Pul
27/04/08 GER Braunschweig Meier Music Hall
28/04/08 GER Hamburg Fabrik
29/04/07 POL Warsaw TBC!
30/04/07 POL Krakow TBC!