So you want to be covered on Bills Prog Blog?

I’d love make it happen for you! Here’s all I ask:

1) Do you have an album that you want reviewed? Awesome! I do prefer physical formats, but understand in this day and age that it’s not always possible. If all you can do is a download, I’m fine with that. BUT! It has to be the full album…I won’t review 2 or 3 tracks of a 12 track release. I can guarantee you that I won’t share your music or put it on a P2P network…I’m not that kind of person. In either case (physical or download format) please be able to provide me a decent sized image of the cover…I like posting that with the review (but obviously small enough so as to be un-usable by people downloading your music elsewhere and so on). Press info is cool too…credits, et cetera. If you have physical media and are willing to send it to me, send me an e-mail (contact information is below) and I’ll provide you all the info you need. 

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot and will not guarantee a review or coverage. I will do my best to cover as much material as possible, but please understand that this is an unpaid, part time job for me. Real life can, and will, intercede. I’ll do my best to confirm receipt of your material, and obviously will contact you with link, et cetera, upon posting. But please be patient. 

2) Do you have a video you want me to cover? Every bit as awesome! BUT! I’ll only accept physical media. Sorry. I’m not going to download a DVD’s worth of video, and you’re not going to put it up for download either, most likely. Just saying.

3) Are you (or a band you are representing) looking for a feature-type article on here (interview, overview, et cetera). That’s great too. I’ll take any information you can provide me (bios, websites, promo shots, et cetera), and will do my best to work with you or the band to offer timely, incisive coverage. I don’t do gratuitous advertising…you’ll notice there’s no monetization on this blog. I don’t do pay for play, I don’t do banner ads (with one exception, which honestly I forgot was still running until I started typing's now gone, and for the record, I wasn't being paid for it), so please don’t ask me for fluff. I’d rather write something deeper than that. Again, see item one above regarding coverage vs. real life and guarantees thereof.

If I haven’t scared you off at this point, then excellent! All you need to do is drop me an e-mail at bill(dot)knispel(at)gmail(dot)com (and I am sure you know what to do with the stuff in parentheses, right?) with a subject line referencing this blog and what you’re looking for (review, interview, band feature, et cetera), and we’ll figure out what we can do!