28 February 2009

New FREE Live MP3s from The Red Masque at the North Star!

Hi all
We've uploaded some mp3 files of our recent Feb. 22 gig at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. They are free for you to enjoy.

MP3s include:

"Tidal" (with soundcheck! )

"The Spider Is The Web"


"Carbon 14"

Link is here:

Thanks to Alan Benjamin from Advent for recording the show for us.

We hope you can make it out to our next show on March 29 with Thee Maximalists and Igor's Egg as part 2 of the new progressive rock series at the North Star Bar. For more information visit

We are also have an imminent announcement for a very exciting and rare show in the spring with a UK band but dates are still being finalized....

Gouveia Art Rock 2009 announces Daevid Allen/University of Errors

The Australian Daevid Allen is one of the most important names in international progressive music. In addition to having founded legendary bands like Soft Machine in the UK and Gong in France, Allen has constantly reinvented himself in the course of a solo career spanning more than four decades, eventually making himself into a living legend.

Among Allen's numerous collaborations, one from the late 90s stands out especially and has produced particularly excellent results: University of Errors, founded in the US by the almost "retired" Professor Allen together with three musicians from San Francisco. Since its very beginning, the project has featured a good amount of the experimentalism and recklessness that are so characteristic for Allen, and their music goes far beyond the limits of what a rock quartet with guitars, bass and drums would normally produce.

At their Gouveia show, Sunday May 3rd, the band will not only perform their own material, but also revisit songs from Soft Machine's 'pop' era and Gong's 'allien' phase.

Indukti: new album news

from their Myspace blog:

" the end of struggle

Today we have finished studio working on our second album.
63 minutes,8 tracks, 5 guests.

And the supporters are:

Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum)
Taff (Rootwater)
Michael Luginbuehl (Prisma)

Marta Maślanka - cymbals
Robert Majewski - trumpet

Strenght (sic), rebellion, indian tales, sinking bells, love, chaos, agony, mad power.

We don't know the premiere date. We will tell you when we know it "

REVIEW: The Last of the Curlews, Brett Kull

It is perhaps not fair of me to review Brett Kull solo albums.

After all, in my mind I consider the man a friend. We speak on an irregularly regular basis. I think we’ve shared things on some deep personal levels that make his material, both solo and with echolyn/still/always almost, far more personal and deeply touching for me.

But it is a double-edged sword as well. For if something comes up short, well…I think the result would be more crushing.

So when I say that The Last of the Curlews, his new solo album, more than lives up to any expectations I might have for it, you might take that with a grain of salt or two. If I say that it has exceeded the lofty expectations I have for his work, you may shrug it off as expected. When I say that I find it to be alternately agonizing and painful and beautiful and wonderful and pure, well…I hope you’d accept that as the truth the way I see it.

Save for drums (provided capably by echolyn bandmate Paul Ramsey), this is a true solo album in every sense of the word. Brett plays everything, sings (pretty much) everything, wrote everything. He produced it and recorded it and mixed it. The result is incredibly smooth…songs flow organically, filled with the melodic sensibilities, hooks and personal lyrics that have been a hallmark of his work for the past 18 years (and my dog, has it really been that long since the debut album came out? I graduated high school that year, for crying out loud!).

Echolyn fans will love the little nods to the previous record The End is Beautiful, as certain song titles find their way worked in to lyrics here and there. The Last of the Curlews is not a continuation of that album, however, even if certain themes seem to follow on in kind. From the outside, it seems Brett has matured so much over the years, and his lyrics have taken on a more wistful longing feel to them. I think there’s still idealism in his words, but there’s also a healthy dose of realism and acceptance there as well. And right now, far too much of the material here hits far too close to home for me. I have to admit to choking up when I read and hear lines like these:

“I've tasted love, it tastes of tears
Neither warm nor cool just sorrowful
'Cause all that you love will be carried away
I've tasted love, it tastes of tears

It seems I've been lost to you
You say its time to start anew
But please don't forget our love and all we had to give
It seems that I'm lost to you
There was a place for us”

Highlights…there are so many highlights here. “There Was a Place for Us” is certainly one. “Windows of Light” is another, as is the title track, which has little to do with the book or ABC afternoon special from which Brett drew the album’s title (even if in some abstract ways there are connections in theme and purpose). His playing is wonderful throughout the album…I am drawn to his acoustic guitar playing on the title track, with organ underpinning the song as it carries along. I could actually hear this song on Cowboy Poems Free; it is perhaps the most echolyn-like on the album to me. There’s also some very tasty electric guitar playing throughout Curlews…while this is a song-based release more than a ‘prog’ album, one should not be afraid of a lack of expansive, emotional playing or instrumental work. It’s just that the playing has been tied to the song, not the other way around.

And that’s how it should be.

In time I may find myself able to distance my immediate emotional response to this album, my place and my time, and look at it more objectively. Some things ring through no matter what, however…skill, passion, honesty. The Last of the Curlews exhibits all of these things to incredibly deep degrees. It flows from the speakers in waves of colour and sound (speaking of which, hit his website and check out how he equates colour with each of the songs on the album). If Orangeish-Blue was a solid ‘debut’ release (and it was), The Last of the Curlews absolutely blows it out of the water in every way. A more impressive ‘singer/songwriter’ album I’ve not heard in some time, and as a showcase for what Brett brings to the table with echolyn, well…it doesn’t get any clearer than this.

New Dave Stewart/Barbara Gaskin release

From the Burning shed newsletter:

"We are pleased to announce the release of Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin's long-awaited new album 'Green and Blue' (nine tracks, 67 minutes). This is the most varied Stewart/Gaskin album to date, combining heart-rending ballads, poppy toe-tappers, lengthy musical explorations and a heavy metal thrash, but the diverse material is united by the duo's trademark musicality. In a departure from style, the album contains only one cover version. Dave & Barbara are joined by long-time collaborators Andy Reynolds (guitar), Gavin Harrison (drums), Peter Blegvad (narration) and the Amorphous Choir of Wales. The CD ships in a 4-page Digipak with a 12-page colour booklet containing the song lyrics and a short sleeve note by Dave.

Accompanying Green and Blue is the companion CDR 'Hour Moon', featuring five bonus tracks, two of which were originally intended for the album. Other tracks include a cover of a classic '60s instrumental and an extended version of 'Henry & James' which appeared on a Flexidisc in a 1980's issue of Keyboard magazine (USA). Hour Moon ships in an eco-friendly cardboard wallet with its own custom artwork and explanatory notes.

The two CDs will be released on March 27th 2009 and can be pre-ordered now from the Stewart / Gaskin Online Store. A limited number will be signed by Dave & Barbara at no extra cost, so if you would like a signed copy of either please order now while stocks last."

(NB: this is the Dave Stewart who has worked with Uriel, Egg, Arzachel, Khan, Hatfield and the North, Gong, National Health, Bruford and Rapid Eye Movement, not the Dave Stewart who played with Camel nor the one who worked with Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics nor the one who played guitar with Steve Hillage.)

Theo Travis to guest on new Syn album

It has been announced that Theo Travis will be recording material for the forthcoming Big Sky album by The Syn.

From http://www.myspace.com/theotravis

"I have had the privilege of playing and recording with some amazing
musicians including Palle Mikkelborg who guested on my 2001 CD Heartof the Sun; Anja Garbarek (2001 album and tour); David Sylvian (Nine Horses CD); Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree CDs , No Man, Bass Communion); John Etheridge, Soft Machine Legacy; Richard Sinclair and Hatfield and the North; Dick Heckstall-Smith; Bill Bruford; Tony Coe; Pierre Moerlin, and the late Slim Gaillard. In 1999 I became a new member of Daevid Allen's Gong touring the USA, Europe, Japan,
Scandinavia, and the UK and co-writing most of the group's album Zero to Infinity released in Feb 2000. I subsequently produced their live album Live to Infinitea, released in October 2000 and to date have played over 120 dates with them all over the world.

I am also a member of the new Progressive band - the Tangent
(http://thetangent.org) which is doing great things at the moment. My website is at http://www.theotravis.com and I do try and keep it up to date with gigs, recordings etc."

Univers Zero News

from the band's mailing list:

Hello UZ-friends,

We have some very exciting news.
Andy Kirk is back and Univers Zéro will be performing as a two-keyboards band from now on.

We are planning to start to record our new CD, Clivages, in May.

Several gigs are schedule for 2009 already

March 2009 Concert Dates (some to be confirmed, yet)

• Würzburg / Germany (CAFE CAIRO) March 17th

• Linz/ Austria (POSTHOF) March 19th

• Praha/ Czec Republic (PALAC AKROPOLIS) March 20 th Tickets:

• Dresden/ Germany (JAZZWELTEN) March 21th

• Wroclaw/ Poland March 22, Gothic Hall - 1 Purkyniego Street in
Wroclaw. (4th Energy and Sound festival, 21-25 March)

We are looking for dates in Germany, 15 or 16 and 23/24/25. Please if you have interest to book Univers Zero in Germany or in region nearby, contact us at

April 2009 Univers Zéro in Mexico


• Puebla Baroque Fringe Festival the 18 in Puebla (outdoors)

• Teatro de la Ciudad Mexico City the 19

• Ecatepec (festival) 24

June -

• Les Tritonales, Le Triton, les Lilas, France
12 and 13 June, 2009
11 bis, rue du Coq Français - 93260 LES LILAS (Métro Mairie des Lilas)
tél : 01 49 72 83 13 - fax : 01 49 72 83 11 - email : contact@letriton.com


Univers Zéro will also be playing at RIO Festival 2009
September 20

more info here


We are planning to play with Present at the end of the festival as a single band.
We hope it works out!


An Italian booking agency has agreed to work for some dates around the in the beginning of the next year. If you are in Italy and want to have Univers Zero at your venue, please contact:

Syncretic Srl.

Viale dei Quattro Venti, 166 - 00152 Roma (Italia)

(Loredana Miarelli)

tél: 347/9018466


Our friend Jaak Geebelen shot some marvelous photos from our last concert in Nivelles. take a look at them in the link below. Some of them are widespread in our site as well.


More news soon!

26 February 2009

Jeff Beck 2009 US tour dates

4th April Cleveland Induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
6th April Scranton Scranton Cultural Centre
8th April Philadelphia Electric Factory
9th April New York The Fillimore NY @ Irving Plaza
10th April New York The Fillimore NY @ Irving Plaza
11th April Mashantucket MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods
13th April Boston House of Blues, Boston
15th April Cleveland House of Blues, Cleveland
16th April Chicago Park West
17th April Chicago Park West
18th April Milwaukee Turner Hall Ballroom
21st April Los Angeles El Rey
22nd April Los Angeles El Rey
23rd April Oakland Fox Theatre

Amon Duul II/Hawklords show announced

Amon Duul II are confirmed to join Quintessence, Tracy Curtis and headliners The Hawklords at The Roundhouse all-day 'implosion' on March 8th.

www.hawklords.com is also now live!

Featuring the Hawklords performing The Space Ritual '09 show, this will be an amazing event inspired by Barney's creative art, design, cosmology and the stage presentation of his and Robert Calvert's original Space Ritual 1973 space-rock-opera show, with a hefty nod to his concept for the Hawklords 25 Years On production of 1978.

Hawklords features:
Harvey Bainbridge, keyboards & vocals
Alan Davey, bass & vocals
Martin Griffin, drums
Terry Ollis, drums
Jerry Richards, guitar & vocals
Ade Shaw, bass
Steve Swindells, keys & vocals
Ron Tree, vocals
Nik Turner, sax, flute & vocals

The band's specials guests will include Bridget Wishart and more to be confirmed.

Evocative, other-worldly gyrations by the gorgeous New Bubblettes troupe, choreographed by Angel Flame.

Inspiring, transporting/transmogrifying/transmorfing lighting by the ever-amazing Liquid Len And The Lensmen.

'Mothership control' by Andy Dunkley (the original FM On The Road).

The event will run from 3.00pm - 11.00 pm, and will feature performers and performance all day, including Robert Calvert's play 'The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice' (for which Barney designed the stage set), performed by the Pentameters Theatre Group.

Mutoid Waste Co's weird and wonderful sculptures and happenings will be very much in evidence.

Support bands and solo performers set to perform include Quintessence, Tracey Curtis, and others to be confirmed.

23 February 2009

Ayreon Update!

From his Myspace bulletin:

There's not been much news from us lately, but don't let that fool you. There has been a bustle of feverish activity going on behind the scenes here at the Electric Castle. With this update from ArjenLucassen.com we're excited to officially announce the details of Arjen's new project, Guilt Machine.

Arjen Lucassen: instruments, backing vocals
Jasper Steverlinck (Arid): vocals
Chris Maitland (ex Porcupine Tree): drums
Lori Linstruth (ex Stream of Passion): lead guitar

As Ayreon fans have come to expect from Arjen, the music of Guilt Machine ranges from dark and heavy to atmospheric and melancholic. But Guilt Machine introduces some new twists as well, particularly when it comes to the vocals. Rather than putting together an ensemble cast of vocalists from the prog, rock and metal scene, Arjen has enlisted the talents of a single alternative rock vocalist, Jasper Steverlinck.

How did Arjen get an alternative rock vocalist to switch genres and sing on a prog rock project? "In the beginning it was hard to convince Jasper to sing on this album, because he comes from a completely different musical background. He didn't even know what prog was, but we've made a believer out of him! What I admire about Jasper's voice, besides its beautiful clear timbre, is the emotion and credibility he puts into his performance and his enormous range. Because this project features just one singer I needed someone versatile enough to portray all of the different moods, and Jasper didn't disappoint. And he's a really nice and dedicated guy as well!"

For Guilt Machine Arjen also chose to record with a different drummer, Chris Maitland (ex Porcupine Tree). "Chris was the ideal choice this time, having both the power for the heavy sections and the subtle touch needed in the more atmospheric parts."

Rather than the explicit storyline you would expect in an Ayreon release, the songs of Guilt Machine revolve around a central theme. Instead of looking outward into a world of fantasy or science fiction, the songs look inward, exploring the destructive psychology of guilt, regret and the darkest form of secret -- the secrets we hide from ourselves. "At first I asked my partner and personal manager Lori to quickly write scratch lyrics for one of the songs so I could record some guide vocals. I was so impressed by what she produced that I asked her to write the lyrics for all the songs. I was unable myself to create the type of darkly enigmatic, open-ended lyrics I wanted for these songs, my specialty being sci-fi lyrics about sinister aliens ;-) She definitely gave the songs an extra dimension with her lyrics, exorcising the demons we both had faced in the past few years. It's also no secret that I've always been a big fan of her melodic guitar style, so she also plays all the guitar solos on this album."

Despite these differences, Guilt Machine still has much in common with Ayreon. The songs are mainly long, "epic" tracks that feature dynamic contrasts between softer, dreamy sections and powerful, heavy passages. There are intricate harmonies, complex rhythms, soaring melodies, and an eclectic selection of instruments -- all what you'd expect from an Ayreon release.

"In my view this is my best side project so far. It comes completely from the heart, for it was written and recorded during a new inspiring phase in my life after my heavy depression. This being an entirely new project there were no expectations whatsoever, which enabled me to just let my inspiration guide me without any (outside) pressure."

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for music previews and other updates about Guilt Machine!

20 February 2009

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum tour dates

April 08, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Sacramento, CA @ Harlow's w/ Edmund Welles & Faun Fables
April 09, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Reno, NV @ Tonic w/ Edmund Welles and Faun Fables

April 10, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge w/ Faun Fables

April 11, 2009 (1:00 am) - Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater w/ Faun Fables

April 13, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club w/ Dub Trio and Faun Fables

April 14, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall w/ Dub Trio

April 16, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ Dub Trio and Cheer Accident

April 17, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom w/ Dub Trio

April 18, 2009 (9:00 pm) - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

April 19, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Allston MA @ Harpers Ferry w/ Dub Trio

April 21, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Doylestown PA @ Moose Lodge

April 21, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Buffalo, NY @ Nietzches w/ Dub Trio

April 22, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Blacksburg, VA @ The Lantern Blacksburg

April 24, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree

April 25, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Atlanta, GA @ The Earl

April 26, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Columbia, SC @ 5 Points Pub

April 27, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Jacksonville, FL @ Jackrabbits

April 28, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Orlando, FL @ The Social

May 01, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Houston, TX @ Walters on Washington

May 02, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Fort Worth, TX @ Longhorn Saloon

May 03, 2009 (8:00 pm) - Austin, TX @ Red 7

May 05, 2009 (1:00 am) - Tuacon, AZ @ Club Congress

May 06, 2009 (8:00 pm - 8:00 pm) - San Diego, CA @ Casbah

May 07, 2009 (1:00 am) - Los Angeles, CA @ Key Club

May 10, 2009 (8:00 pm) - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall

19 February 2009

Summer's End Festival announces 2009 details

We are delighted to announce that this year's edition of the Festival will take place on October 9 / 10 /11 at Lydney Town Hall, Gloucestershire, UK.

Festival founder Huw Lloyd Jones says:

"Lydney Town Hall was almost universally praised as a venue last year, so we are delighted to be back."

Co-organiser Stephen Lambe talks about the potential line up for 2009:

"After the response to last years Festival, the pressure is on to match it, but we are sure we can do it. We have some great ideas, and if even a few of them come off, it should be an amazing weekend."

We are also delighted to announce the first two bands booked for the Festival:

Parallel or 90 Degrees have announced that after a long hiatus they have reformed for a brand new album "Jitters" and some live dates. This follows the success of their Double CD retrospective "A Can of Worms" released last year. The band presents a harder edged, more contemporary sound than Andy Tillison's other project, the Tangent, who made a triumphant headline appearance last year. We are delighted to say that the band will have a prominent slot at this years Festival.

We are also thrilled to welcome the brilliant Godsticks to one of the weekend's opening slots. Based in South Wales, this unique 3 piece impressed us with their music which combines prog with fusion, pop and just a touch of funk. Their great songwriting and outstanding musicianship can be heard on the bands 5 track self-titled EP, available from their Myspace site.

Further details of the Festival will be announced very soon:

As well as the main Festival website www.summersend.co.uk (updating soon) all the news as it happens will be posted at:


Stalk us mercilessly at www.twitter.com/summersendfest
Join the yahoo group at: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/summersendfestival/

RIP Kelly Groucutt (ELO)

(from the BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/west_midlands/7900575.stm)

Kelly Groucutt, the bass player in the rock band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), has died aged 63.

He suffered a heart attack on Wednesday night and was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital but did not regain consciousness and died on Thursday.

Groucutt, who also sang on the Birmingham band's records, joined the group in 1974 and left in 1983.

His friend Mike Sheridan, of Mike Sherridan and The Nightriders, said he was "gob smacked" by the news.

He added: "When I heard the news this afternoon I just couldn't believe it. He seemed to be such a fit guy."

Groucutt played with The Sight and Sound before joining ELO and was an influential figure in the Brum Beat scene of the 1960s.

King's X to headline 3RP 2009

(from the official press release)

The King's will be "holding their court" in Pittsburgh as the Sunday Night Headliner for 3RP 2009. August 9,2009.

The King's of this court are:
Doug (dUg) Pinnick - BASS/ BACKING VOCALS

Their magic together has created 15 Albums/CD's, plus many solo projects, and to many to name contributions to many other peoples music,(All since 1988).

They started out together back in 1980 as the group " The Edge". Later in 1983 they became known as the "Sneak Preview". But in 1985 the band move to Houston, Texas. There, they hooked up with Sam Taylor who was the vise president of ZZ TOP's production company. Sam encourage them to change there bands name to King's X, and the name has been with them ever since.

The bands big breakthrough seemed to be coming when they released their 3rd album "Faith, Hope, Love" in 1990. The album was having relatively good success commercially, and they were able to land a great opportunity in 1991 as the opening act on many dates of the AC/DC - USA, and European Tours sold out shows. This helped to get them more visibility , and helped their album to do pretty well.

But, they eventually experienced trouble with Sam Taylor, and parted ways. The next album was not as successful and was not noticed to much except for there close knit fan base.
But in 1994 they were rejuvenated as Brendan O'Brien produced the 1994 release of "Dogman" This album did pretty well on the music charts. The success of this album got them the opportunity to be the opening act for "Pearl Jam" , on their tour. They also gave an amazing performance at "Woodstock 94' Festival"

At one point King's X was ranked #83 on VH1's "100 GREATEST ARTISTS OF HARD ROCK".

KING's X crosses many great aspects of the music genre. From Progressive Metal, Grunge, Funk, Soul, to Melodic Beatlesque Harmonies, Powerful Riffs and time signature changes, KING's X will be keeping your blood pumping at 3RP.

The Syn announce US tour

February 18, 2009, New York - Progressive rock band The Syn will show off a new lineup and a new vision with their latest CD Big Sky and an extensive North American tour that includes a performance at the world famous progressive rock festival in Philadelphia, RoSfest. Stops also include Baltimore's famed Orion Sound Studios, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York and much more. The group will also be doing two full evenings of fundraising performances in Virginia with all proceeds to be donated to music, education and the arts.

Formed in 1965, The Syn was a precursor of the band Yes, with that band's bassist Chris Squire as one of the founding members. At various times The Syn has also included Yes alums Peter Banks and Alan White in their lineup. Now The Syn continues forward with a core lineup of Steve Nardelli (founding member, songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist), Francis Dunnery (of It Bites and Robert Plant fame - guitars and vocals) and Tom Brislin (Spiraling - also keyboardist on Yes' Symphonic tour - keyboards and vocals). The lineup is augmented for the tour by Paul Ramsey (Echolyn) providing drums and other percussion and Brett Kull (also of Echolyn) on guitar.

Much of the Big Sky tour will be filmed. The footage will be released as a documentary of the tour. This film will be available in both digital and physical formats. For more details you can find the Syn on the web (and get a full listing of tour dates) at myspace.com/thesyn.

Peace Frogs, a leading US manufacturer of ecologically responsible, sustainable living, and green-themed clothing is sponsoring the tour. A jointly-designed authentic branded Syn merchandise line will be available for sale at all of The Syn's live performances and selected in-store appearances and promotions.

The Syn Big Sky Tour 2009

April 25th: Baltimore, MD - Orion Sound Studios
April 26th: Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar (with Echolyn)
April 27th and 28th: Gloucester, VA - Music & Education: The SYNergy of SYNtropy'
Gloucester High School Auditorium
(fundraising event; ticketing through venue - announcement made when ticketing available)
April 30th: NYC, NY - Joe's Pub
May 1st: Glenside, PA - RoSfest
May 8th: Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
May 9th: Cleveland, OH - Wilbert's Food & Music

May 11th: Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall
May 12th: Chicago, IL - Martyrs
May 13th: Poplar Grove, IL - Chubby Rain House of Tunes

More dates to be announced.

Gong announce new chapter to the Planet Gong saga...

(courtesy of Udi Koorman on ProgressiveEars)

Gong are currently working on a brand new forward-looking album called 2032..."the year that the Planet Gong makes full contact with the Planet Earth" and a major new chapter in the continually evolving Gong mythology. The album is due to be released in September 2009, to be followed by a major European and UK tour in October and November.

To lead up to the album release, the band will be playing festival dates and gigs in Norway, USA, Germany, Belgium and the UK throughout Summer 2009

"Yes" cancels remainder of tour

The "In The Present Tour," featuring Yes' Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White, is cancelling the remaining scheduled shows.

.. ..

Chris underwent surgery on his leg on February 11, 2009. The operation was successful and Chris is on his way to a full recovery. However, Chris has been advised by his physician that he needs a one month rest period, hence the reason for the cancellation of the rest of the tour dates.

.. ..

As previous stated, Chris and the rest of the band wishes to apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused to their fans and hopes to see them again soon.

18 February 2009

Gong UK Tour 2009 announced

BRISTOL, O2 Academy on Thursday 19 November 2009 ON SALE NOW
MANCHESTER, Club Academy on Saturday 21 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

EDINBURGH, HMV Picture House on Sunday 22 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

SHEFFIELD, The Leadmill on Monday 23 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

LONDON, HMV Forum on Friday 27 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

OXFORD, The Regal on Saturday 28 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

BRIGHTON, Corn Exchange on Sunday 29 November 2009 ON SALE NOW

RiO Fest 2009 finalised

Rock In Opposition

Friday - September, 18th - 2009

6 PM Electric Epic Main Hall
9.30 PM Magma 40 # anniversary Main Hall

Saturday - September 19th - 2009

2 pm Charles HAYWARD Main Hall

4:30 pm Aranis Main Hall

7:30 pm Combat Astronomy Main Hall

10:30 pm Koenji Hyakkei Main Hall

Sunday - September 20th - 2009

1 pm Yolk Main Hall

4 pm The Muffins Main Hall

7 pm Present Main Hall

10 pm Univers Zero Main Hall

Grand Finale

Univers Zero + Present

Ticket Info:


17 February 2009

Supersister out, Trettioåriga Kriget in at NF 2009

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of this unfortunate circumstance regarding Supersister. Below is what was passed on to us from the band...

Due to the unexpected illness of Ron van Eck, Supersister regretfully have announced that they will be unable to appear at NEARfest this year. Ron has had to undergo a course of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. His prognosis is optimistic, but the members of the band feel that Ron's presence and well being is vital to any Supersister performance and regretfully have had to make this decision. The band apologize to all of their fans in America who were looking forward to seeing the and perform once more and hope to visit NEARfest as soon as the health of Ron allows it.

They have been replaced by Trettioåriga Kriget.

Trettioåriga Kriget (Thirty Years War) was formed in 1970 in Saltsjöbaden, a seaside resort southeast of Stockholm. In just a few short years, the band developed a sound that set them apart from the mainstream of Swedish rock. Early in 1974, the band struck a record deal with CBS and released their self-titled debut album. This was followed in 1976 with their symphonic masterpiece, "Krissång," a progressive rock tour de force with the entire second side of the LP devoted to the "Krissång 2" suite. Despite gaining international praise from the subsequent tour, CBS dropped the band and they signed with a small Swedish label for the release of "Hej på er" in 1978. The band continued until mid-1980 when they decided to call it a day. However, in 2002 most of the classic lineup reunited to try out new material. "Elden av år" was released in 2004 and immediate burst the band back on to the prog rock radar, even garnering them an invite to ProgDay 2004, where they dazzled the audience at Storybook Farm. Since then, the band has continued to play live and produced excellent albums, including 2007's "I början och slutet."

After the void left in this year's lineup by the unfortunately departure of Supersister, Trettioåriga Kriget has accepted our offer to perform at NEARfest '09. We could not be more excited to welcome them to the NEARfest stage. Please help us welcome Trettioåriga Kriget to the show!

Progressive Nation 2009 announced

New York progressive metal veterans DREAM THEATER will take their Progressive Nation tour back on the road for its second incarnation with a run through America and Canada in July/August 2009.

In addition to a headlining set by
DREAM THEATER, this year's package will feature the outstanding musicianship of ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA as well as two incredibly talented imports from Sweden: PAIN OF SALVATION and BEARDFISH.

Progressive Nation
was created by DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy and its successful inaugural run in 2008 also featured OPETH, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and THREE.

once again hand-picked all of the bands for the 2009 bill based on their diversity and musicality. He comments: "This year's lineup is so exciting for me. Every band is bringing something very unique to the package to create an incredibly well rounded musical experience. I am just as excited to be watching all the bands from the side of the stage as I am to be performing with mine in the center of it!"

Fresh on the
heels of his Grammy win, Dweezil Zappa is pleased to announce his plans to join forces with DREAM THEATER as part of the Progressive Nation 2009 tour: "It's no secret that I started ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA with the intention to diversify and expand the audience for my father's music. I figured I'd probably have to do it one concert at a time. Playing with DREAM THEATER on the Progressive Nation tour is a great way to accomplish that goal. Music fans who are seeking something to challenge their senses should definitely consider attending this great bill."

adds: "It is an absolute honor for me to have ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA on board. Frank Zappa is one of my all-time biggest heroes and his music practically invented the term 'progressive.' Dweezil is doing an amazing job carrying on the tradition of his father's daring spirit and like his dad, has surrounded himself with a band of jaw-dropping, incredible musicians."

PAIN OF SALVATION will bring their unique brand of cutting-edge progressive metal to Progressive Nation. Vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw comments: "We are truly very happy to be part of the Progressive Nation tour, and to be back in the States again and bring all the sweat and flesh to our music and our well deserving American fans. We feel honored to have been asked."

also joked: "Actually, Mike has been on our backs now for two years in what we believe to be a personal campaign, bordering on harassment, to make us come over. So when he asked us about Progressive Nation, it was a joy to finally be able to say yes. And if Mike didn't give up on us, then hopefully America hasn't either."

Rikard Sjöblom of BEARDFISH is equally excited: "When we read on a website that Mike Portnoy had our album 'Sleeping in Traffic Part 1' among his favorite releases of 2007, we just couldn't believe it and we were really happy about it! And now we once again gasp for air since we've been asked to join Progressive Nation 2009 together with DREAM THEATER (one of the biggest bands in this genre today!), PAIN OF SALVATION (hey, fellow Swedes!!!) and ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA (being a HUGE Zappa fan myself, I think this is really cool!). Since we've only played the U.S. once before we simply can't wait to come over and rock out!"

Progressive Nation
will be the first North American tour for DREAM THEATER in support of the band's newest Roadrunner Records CD, which is slated for a June 2009 release.

Po90 reunite

The highly respected yet relatively unknown band Po90 (Parallel or 90 Degrees) will return for active service in 2009 (Including a prominent guest slot at the UK SUMMERS END FESTIVAL), after an absence of more than 7 years during which time their previous albums have become much sought after collectors items.

The reformed band are soon to enter the studio to record a new album, working title: "Jitters".

"The time is right" said Andy TD "this band has never announced a split, but it has been on a back burner for far too long, and the amount of good things people have had to say about our work since the release of our compilation album* have added extra impetus to our enthusiasm. It's great to playing together again, we are full of ideas and I really feel that our new material is the strongest we have ever had".

The band will once again feature Andy Tillison Diskdrive (whose successes with the international Progressive Rock band "The Tangent" are well documented) on keyboards, vocals etc, Dan Watts on guitar and electronic treatments (Dan has spent much of the time since Po90 last played composing and performing music for TV, including the "Sarah Jane Mysteries" spin-off of the popular "Doctor Who") and Alex King on Drums. These three regulars are joined by new member Matt Clark on Bass, Matt has worked extensively already with Dan and Alex in a band called British Fiction which continues to operate and will not be affected by the new Po90.

Likewise, The Tangent remains a going concern, with an album already composed and awaiting completion at an un-named point in the future. More details of this will shortly be found on the Tangent's website.

*A PO90 double CD retrospective 'A Can Of Worms' was released by Progrock Records in January and is available from the bands website. Recent reviews have described the band and this compilation as "A rare piece of musical genius", "Wildly Inventive", "Grossly Overlooked" and "One Hell Of A Ride".


Zappa plays Zappa tour dates announced

Feb 27, ’09 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues
Feb 28, ’09 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre

Mar 01, ’09 San Diego, CA House Of Blues

Mar 03, ’09 Anaheim, CA House Of Blues

Mar 04, ’09 Santa Cruz, CA Rio Theatre

Mar 05, ’09 Redding, CA Cascade Theatre

Mar 06, ’09 Sacramento, CA Crest Theatre

Mar 07, ’09 Santa Rosa, CA Wells Fargo Center

Apr 6, ’09 Osaka, JAPAN HATCH

Apr 7, ’09 Tokyo, JAPAN O-EAST

Apr 8, ’09 Tokyo, JAPAN O-EAST

Apr 10, ’09 Byron Bay, NSW AUSTRALIA Byron Bay Bluesfest

Apr 11, ’09 Brisbane, QLD AUSTRALIA Tivoli Theatre

Apr 12, ’09 Newcastle, NSW AUSTRALIA Civic Theatre

Apr 14, ’09 Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA State Theatre

Apr 16, ’09 Melbourne, VIC AUSTRALIA Palais

Apr 17, ’09 Adelaide, SA AUSTRALIA Thebarton Theatre

Apr 18, ’09 Perth, WA AUSTRALIA West Coast Blues and Roots Festival

May 16, ’09 Bochum, GERMANY Jahrhunderthalle

May 17, ’09 Offenbach, GERMANY Capitol

May 18, ’09 Paris, FRANCE Olympia

May 20, ’09 Lausanne, SWITZERLAND Les Docks

May 21, ’09 LUXEMBOURG Rockhal

May 22, ’09 Ghent, BELGIUM Handelsbeurs

May 23, ’09 Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS Effenaar

May 24, ’09 Groningen, NETHERLANDS De Oosterpoort

May 25, ’09 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS Paradiso

May 27, ’09 Hamburg, GERMANY Grosse Freiheit 36

May 28, ’09 Berlin, GERMANY Venue TBA

May 29, ’09 Munich, GERMANY Theatrefabrik

May 30, ’09 Dresden, GERMANY Alter Schlachthof

Jun 01, ’09 Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC Archa Theatre

Jun 02, ’09 Vienna, AUSTRIA The Gasometer

Jun 03, ’09 Warsaw, POLAND Venue TBA

Jun 04, ’09 Vilnius, LITHUANIA Forum Palace

Jun 06, ’09 Helsinki, FINALND House of Culture

Jun 08, ’09 Stockholm, SWEDEN The Circus

Jun 09, ’09 Oslo, NORWAY Sentrum Scene

Jun 10, ’09 Copenhagen, DENMARK Vega

Jun 11, ’09 Malmo, SWEDEN Kulturbolaget

Jun 12, ’09 Copenhagen, DENMARK Vega

Jun 14, ’09 London, ENGLAND 02 Shepherds Bush Empire

Jun 15, ’09 Birmingham, ENGLAND Symphony Hall

Jun 16, ’09 Bristol, ENGLAND Colston Hall

Jun 17, ’09 Manchester, ENGLAND Bridgewater Hall

Jun 18, ’09 Edinburgh, SCOTLAND HMV Picture House

Jun 19, ’09 Dublin, IRELAND Vicar Street

Progressive Rock Series shows in Philly announced

This from Alan Benjamin of Advent:

Just a quick note to announce that Advent will be kicking off "The Progressive Rock Series" at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia this Sunday night, followed by The Red Masque and Kohoutek. Doors open at 8:00 PM and Advent is scheduled to go on promptly at 8:30. Tickets are only $10 and are available via a direct link on our website:


A very big thank-you to Lynnette Shelley of The Red Masque for all her efforts in launching this brand new series. I sincerely hope that the entire evening is a resounding success--and that the series thrives and continues to bring much wonderful live progressive music to Philly

for a very long time to come.

Also, please note that two additional show in this series have been announced:

3/29 - Thee Maximalists/The Red Masque/Igor's Egg
4/26 - The Syn/Echolyn

For additional details, please see the venue's website at:


ROSFest post 2: The Syn as newly signed special guests

In light of APOCALYPSE having to bow out of the festival, we are pleased to announce THE SYN playing the second spot on Friday night. Progressive rock band The Syn will show off a new lineup and a new vision with their latest CD Big Sky and an extensive North American tour

Formed in 1965, The Syn was a precursor of the band Yes, with that band’s bassist Chris Squire as one of the founding members. At various times The Syn has also included Yes alums Peter Banks and Alan White in their lineup. Now The Syn continues forward with a core lineup of Steve Nardelli (founding member, songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist), Francis Dunnery (of It Bites and Robert Plant fame – guitars and vocals) and Tom Brislin (Spiraling – also keyboardist on Yes’ Symphonic tour – keyboards and vocals). The lineup is augmented for the tour by Paul Ramsey (Echolyn) providing drums and other percussion, Brett Kull (also of Echolyn) on guitar and Dorie Jackson doing backing and harmony vocals.

The SYN website - http://www.synmusic.net/
Visit the Syn Myspace site for music samples:

ROSFest post 1: Apocalypse cancel show/tour

In a official statement, the premier Brazilian progressive rock band APOCALYPSE announces the cancellation of its new North-American tour that would happen in April/May 2009, including the show at Rites Of Spring Festival (RoSfest) in PA.

"With so much sorrow we announce the cancellation our show at RoSfest 2009 and the entire leg of our new North-American tour. The reason for that is exclusively due the financial world crisis that is affecting all sectors of the global society, and that made the band's trip to the US impossible at this moment. Due the dollar elevation, the flight tickets had a big increase in price in relation to the last year when the band signed the contract with the concert's promoters and planned the entire budget. The process to get the visas approval was also a determinant factor. APOCALYPSE and the festival's organizer George Roldan got to this decision amicably. Both sides will be in touch in order to get APOCALYPSE playing at RoSfest 2010. APOCALYPSE says sorry to all its American fans and promises to return for new shows soon."

Eloy, Gustavo, Ruy, Chico e Magoo - Feb/2009

APOCALYPSE will now concentrate forces on its national tour in promotion of its new album "The Bridge Of Light" released last year by Free Mind Records in Brazil and Musea Records in Europe and Asia.

Morglbl tour announced

Blue Mouth Promotions LLC, in association with Vigier Guitars and Laney Amplifiers, is proud to announce the return of Morglbl to the USA. Stunning audiences and dropping jaws across Europe for over 10 years, Morglbl is led by the extraordinary guitarist, Christophe Godin, who is widely regarded as the best guitarist in France.

At NEARfest X last June Morglbl became the critics darling after receiving a standing ovation and a double encore.

A new CD is scheduled to be released on the tour tentatively titled, "Jazz for the Deaf"

Morglbl is:
Christophe Godin ~ Guitar and Vocal
Ivan Rougny ~ Bass
Aurelien Ouzoulias ~ Drums

The following dates are now confirmed:

Wednesday April 15 – Guitar Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Thursday April 16 – Drum Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Friday April 17 – Bass Clinic at the Inn at Crestwood, Blowing Rock NC 6-8PM
Friday April 17 – Morglbl live at Canyon's, Blowing Rock NC 10PM
Saturday April 18 – Morglbl live at Canyon's, Blowing Rock NC 10PM
Tuesday April 21 – Morglbl live at the 10 High Club, Atlanta GA - details pending
Sunday April 26 – Morglbl Band Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 3-5PM
Monday April 27 – Guitar Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Tuesday April 28 – Bass Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Wednesday April 29 – Drum Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC 6-8PM
Friday May 1 – Morglbl live at the Excalibur, Florence SC 10PM
Thursday May 7 – Morglbl live at Volume 11 Tavern, Raleigh NC -
Saturday May 9 – Morglbl live at Orion Studios, Baltimore MD 8PM
Friday May 15 – Interview and performance taping for the Gagliarchives radio show
Saturday May 16 – Morglbl live at the New Jersey Proghouse – details pending
Sunday May 17 – Morglbl live at the North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA – 10:30PM, doors open 8PM
Friday May 22 – Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN - details pending
Saturday May 23 - Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN - details pending


You think everything's back on track and life throws you a curve ball.

I'm back back, but obviously it's been a few days. I just got back from a nice vacation in an uncomfortable bed courtesy of a heart that decided to play some games with me. I'm a little tired, a little slow on my feet, and a whole lot achy, but I'm back on my PC, and I have some posts for you.

Again, thanks for your patience.

12 February 2009

(mic tap)

(tap tap)

Hey, is this thing on?

Hi it's me, I'm back...this is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER.

No wait...that's not right.

Seriously now...hi. Feeling tired, feeling drained, still not 100% up to speed, but I need to start getting some things back to normal and back under my control. I'm starting here, because it's something small yet totally mine.

I've gotten a lot of music in over the past several weeks that merits discussion and attention here...new albums, new DVDs. Concerts. And so on. Slowly...ever so slowly...I'll be getting stuff back up here. I'll also be re-publishing reviews that are apparently no longer available online for one reason or another. Yes, these will be older releases, but the info is still worthwhile and perhaps of interest.

In any event, just a quick hello to the readers still out there. Thank you for indulging me. I may not be fully out of this lost weekend, but I think I see the door...