15 September 2010

Keith Emerson health news; Japan shows postponed

This just came in today from Keith Emerson's camp. Let's all hope that this is something easily treated, and he can get back to us as soon as he's healthy:

Dear Friends in Japan,

During a routine medical examination, a colonoscopy revealed a rather dangerous polyp in my lower colon. It is of the conclusion of the doctors here in London that I must undergo surgery immediately. Unfortunately, the timing of this urgent surgery does not allow me to start touring in early October because of the required period of hospitalization and recuperation.

I must remain optimistic that all will turn out well. Sadly, "Emerson & Lake" must postpone our tour in Japan for now. I regret this deeply and extend my sincere apologies to those who already had tickets. Greg and I have worked hard and were looking very much forward to playing to you, and to revisit your beautiful country and people. We were even planning a drummer contest to have Japanese drummers perform with us on the stage on a song or two! My priority now is to recover fully and speedily so that we can deliver fantastic shows when we return there.

We hope to see all of you then.

Love and Respect,
Keith Emerson.

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