20 September 2010

New Magenta live set announced for order

Magenta is thrilled to announce the release of Live at Real World, the 3 disc set of its acoustic performance at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio recorded in November 2009. This special package features a 2 CD recording of the concert, with the addition of three additional songs also recorded at Real World the following day. A DVD is also included featuring NTSC format video of the entire concert with audio in stereo and 5.1 mixes. Extras include a 5.1 mix of 'Joe' from 'Home', the promotional video of 'Blind Faith' and two photo galleries.

The whole package costs £14.99+ p&p and is available EXCLUSIVELY now from the Magenta shop via www.magenta-web.com

"Saturday 21st November 2009 will linger long in the memories of around 60 lucky Magenta fans as Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios near Bath, UK, played host to the band's first live acoustic recording.

This is a visual record of a remarkable event. With Rob Reed making use of the Wooden Room's superb acoustic piano, and the band supplemented by a string quartet and oboe player, Magenta present beautiful new arrangements of many of its best known pieces. As well as extensive excerpts from both the Home and Metamorphosis albums, there are rare outings for 'Greed' (from Seven) and both 'Cold' and 'Lemminkainen's Lament' (from The Singles).

This is an opportunity to appreciate the charm and subtleties of a band best known for its high-energy electric performances, and is not to be missed. Magenta - unplugged but still the Real Deal."

Two Youtube clips are available from the performance. A promotional compilation:


Plus the complete video of Anger from Seven: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97Apv7p18d0

Track listing:
Children of the Sun
Lemminkainen's Lament
Hate You (Hanging by a thread)
Blind Faith
King of the Skies
This Life
Moving On
Morning Sunlight
Journey's End
The Ballad of Samuel Lane

CD Bonus tracks:
Night and Day
I'm Alive
All Around the World

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Anonymous said...

I did not know Peter Gabriel rented out his studio, unless this is a separate studio from his home one, or are they one in the same?