16 September 2010

Divine Baze Orchestra announces Lovecraftian new album for October

Who are The Divine Baze Orchestra?

The Divine Baze Orchestra is a quintet from Uddevalla, Sweden. The band has played together since 2003, and have been through a lot over the years. Member changes, countless concerts, a record deal and the following debut album, booking agencies and management contracts have all played their part in shaping the band to who they are now.

What do they sound like?

The Divine Baze Orchestra play progressive art rock with one foot in the 70's psychedelic dream land and the other in the strong melodies of modern rock.

Why should you care?

The band's debut Once We Were Born received praise all over the continent, with profound music sites like progarchives.com and blogcritics.org among others describing the album as a "mature and diversified debut", that "knocks many of the major prog players out of the ring".

Now, the experienced quintet has announced the release of their greatly anticipated sophomore album Dead but Dreaming due late October, on Transsubstans/Record Heaven.

What is the new album about?

The lead singer and guitarist Oliver Eek describes Dead But Dreaming as a tribute to H.P Lovecraft, the late legendary fantasy writer. "The lyrics", Oliver continues, "are heavily inspired by Lovecraft's work, especially the "Cthulu" suite, and deals with themes such as cosmic horror and forces that exceed the power of humanity."

The five members' great musical talent is apparent, with complex arrangements that never limit themselves to genre, but at the same time accurately follows the different themes in the lyrics.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one! Yeah! Liked the last one, but the sample stuff on the homepage sounds so much better! One question though... Is that a new singer? Sounds different to the old stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Oliver Eek only played the guitar and sung backing vocals on the first record. The singer on the first album was Alexander Frisborg, who isn't a member of the band anymore.

geemarcus said...

I'm very intrigued.