21 September 2010

New prog rock book forthcoming

Mountains Come Out of the Sky
The Illustrated History of Prog Rock
Author: Will Romano

From its artful beginnings (Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the Mothers of Invention, and those progressive forebearers, the Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles), through the towering guitar solos, monumental synthesizer banks, and mind-boggling special effects of the Golden Age of Prog (Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, UK), through the radio-friendly "pop era" (Asia, the Phil Collins-led Genesis, and a reformed Yes), and right up to the present state of the art (Marillion, Spock's Beard, and Mars Volta), this is a wickedly incisive tour of rock music at its most spectacular. This is indeed the book prog rock fans have been waiting for, the only one of its kind, as fantastic as the subjects it covers.

Forward by Bill Bruford.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to get this one, and I hear Bill Bruford's book is good, too, per Steve Howe!
Guess books are the big money makers now! Or at least the current trend.

Anonymous said...

My picturesque guess is that the man on this picture is Rick Wakeman! Hence the long white hair, and title of the book!
Bet that's not Roger Dean's lettering though ...