13 September 2010

Caravan: reunion show, DVD shoot details

Pye Hastings has revealed that Caravan are planning a concert in London in January 2011 (updated details below) as part of a series of intimate concerts called Legends at a recording studio in front of only approximately 120 fans. The show will be filmed for ITV and a DVD.

“We had our first rehearsal at the beginning of August, which under the circumstances went very well.” Pye also stated that “the enthusiasm from the band was infectious and I had forgotten how much I had really missed playing with them.” A longer rehearsal is booked for October when Geoffrey Richardson is back from touring with Murray Head. The outline of the set is already agreed and will feature classic Caravan tunes together with some new material.

If all goes well Pye doesn't rule out the possibility of a short tour to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their classic album In The Land Of Grey and Pink.

The current lineup of Caravan is Pye Hastings, Richard Coughlan, Geoffrey Richardson, Jan Schelhaas and Jim Leverton. Doug Boyle is unavailable owing to other commitments.


This exclusive and unique show for only 140 fans will be held at the Metropolis Studios in Chiswick London on Friday 3rd December 2010, This intimate show will be filmed for a DVD and shown on the ITV network as part of the Legends series.

The show will include a champagne reception, photo opportunity with the band and an exclusive personal mention on the limited edition DVD. The show will last for 75 minutes and will include songs from their 42-year repertoire and new material.

The tickets are priced at £175 and will likely to be sold out very quickly. The link to buy tickets from the Metropolis website is here:


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Don said...

Barclay James Harvest and Van Der Graaf Generator are also getting the same treatment.

Hope Caravan does end up touring extensively. I didn't get into them until recently...