29 September 2010

Mastermind (BBC quiz show) prog questions

As you may or may not have heard, the BBC TV game show Mastermind had UK Prog Rock as a speciality subject recently.  The following are the questions that were asked…how many can you get right WITHOUT using Google or Wikipedia as a resource (i.e., no searching the ‘net, Constant Readers!)?

1. Which Canterbury band was named after a motorway road sign?
2. Who was the co-founder and lead vocalist of VdGG?
3. Which keyboard instrument pioneered by Henry Chamberlain which used prerecorded tapes was used by many prog bands?
4. Which Welsh band lead by Micky Jones and Deke Leonard had 4 top 40 albums in the '70's including Back Into the Future'?
5. What is the real first name of BJH keyboardist Woolly Wolestenholm?
6. In 1972 which Jethro Tull album reached the top of the US charts and number 5 in the UK?
7. What is the name of the central character on the Genesis album 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'?
8. Which band was formed in 1972 when Peter Bardens teamed up with 3 members of Phillip Goodhand Tates backing band?
9. Who replaced Darryl Way in Curved Air in 1973 before leaving the same year to join Roxy Music?
10. Which band was formed at Cambridge Uni in 1968 by Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson?
11. What was the title of the first ELP album to be released on their own label Manticore?
12. Which subsidiary label of Decca hosted music by Egg, Caravan and others?
13. What is the surname of Derek, Ray and Phil who formed Gentle Giant after Simon Dupee and the Big Sound folded?
14. The two main founders of Atomic Rooster Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer had originally been in which band?
15. In which venue was Rick Wakemans 'The Myths and legends of King Arthur premiered on ice in 1975?
16. Who was King Crimson's lyricist until 1972?


Brian Z. said...

I was sure on 12, had reasonable guesses about the other four. Don't wanna post my answers here for fear of ruining the game for everyone else.

Martine said...

no lcue on most of these and a big assed pile of guesses

1. caravan
2. Peter Hamill
3. mellotron
4. no clue
5. no clue
6. Thick as a brick
7. Rael
8 - 16.. no bleeping clue.. but i'm guessing... King Crimson and Yes must be in the mix somewhere :0)

Anonymous said...

6. Thick as a Brick
7. Rael
9. Eddie Jobson
11. Trilogy
15. Royal Albert Hall
16. Ian McDonald

Roger T said...


Jeez, wish I'd known that was on at the time! Most Qs are quite easy, only 1 I don't know and a three more I'm not 100% on!

1. Hatfield & The North
2. Peter Hammill
3. Mellotron
4. Man
5. Don't know
6. Thick As A Brick
7. Rael
8. Camel
9. Eddie Jobson
10. Henry Cow?
11. Tarkus?
12. Nova
13. Shulman
14. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
15. Wembley Areana?
16. Pete Sinfield

Roger T said...

I see Anonymous reckons King Arthur On Ice was at the Royal Albert Hall - now that would have been a sight, they'd all fall over each other due to lack of space!