18 September 2010

Poll 3 Results

Bill’s Prog Blog’s third poll ended yesterday. It was a multiple choice answer type poll, which meant you could pick as many choices as you wanted. In the end, we had 83 responses, which was more than enough to make me happy.

The subject of this period’s poll was “What are your favourite styles of progressive music?”

Going in I had two pre-determined thoughts:

  • Symphonic prog would be the top choice.
  • Avant would be the bottom choice

Both ended up being correct.

I am not at all surprised by the fact that symphonic and neo-progressive finished as high as they did. They’re the most accessible forms of progressive music, I think, and considering that symphonic progressive tends to cover the ‘big six’ bands pretty well, there’s no shock that it topped the charts here. Likewise, considering how people tend to shy away from the more angular, avant side of the prog spectrum, the results there are somewhat less than surprising, shall we say.

Anyway, without further ado, the results:

Symphonic 53 (63%)
Neo-prog 30 (36%)
Prog Metal 29 (34%)
Space Rock 27 (32%)
Post Rock 25 (30%)
Fusion 24 (28%)
Post Prog 22 (26%)
Ambient 16 (19%)
Krautrock 15 (18%)
Rock in Opposition 14 (16%)
Zeuhl 13 (15%)
Avant 12 (14%)

Total votes: 83

1 comment:

saundby said...

I came in too late for the poll, but the results pretty well nail my tastes. The only difference I can see is that I would have put Kraut one step higher. Otherwise, dead on to my tastes.

And I listen to pretty well all of them, which depends on my mood. How often, well, the list catches that, too.