03 September 2010

Emkog Records (Deluge Grander et.al.) news

Some very cool news from Emkog Records, home of Deluge Grander, Birds and Buildings, and other associated bands/projects...

ALL OVER EVERYWHERE: Inner Firmaments Decay" will be released on August 20, 2010. All Over Everywhere is a musical collective from College Park, Maryland, USA, built around the songwriting of Trinna Kesner and Dan Britton (Deluge Grander, Birds and Buildings). Inner Firmaments Decay, their first album, is a collection of eight symphonic progressive chamber folk songs in the vein of Espers, Grizzly Bear, or Magenta and "I Talk to the Wind"/"Book of Saturday"-style King Crimson, with the vocal talents of Megan Wheatley and ten supporting musicians from a wide range of backgrounds. Although not really a “rock” album, it features excellent vocals, fairly intricate arrangements, and lush atmospheres, and includes a 10-and-a-half-minute track called “Gratitude” that closes the album in a decidedly epic manner. Samples can be heard HERE (http://www.emkog.com/AllOverEverywhere.html).

BIRDS AND BUILDINGS: On the other side of the Emkog musical universe, the second album by heavy symphonic jazz-rock group Birds and Buildings will be called “Multipurpose Trap” and should be released in January 2011. This is the follow-up to the acclaimed album “Bantam to Behemoth,” which created a lot of buzz in the prog community and is currently the #1 rated album of 2008 at Progarchives.com. The new album might lean a little closer to jazz than its predecessor, but it will still maintain the density and intensity of the debut, adding other elements such as free-improv, heavy funk, post-rock, acoustic techno, and proggy disco (or “prosco”). For more information and an early version of the song "Miracle Pigeon," check HERE (http://www.emkog.com/BirdsandBuildings.html).

DELUGE GRANDER: recently featured in the documentary film "Romantic Warriors," is planning a three-tiered, seven-album cycle that will be released over the next ten years. The details are fairly complicated, but those who are intrigued are advised to visit http://www.emkog.com/DelugeGrander.html to read more.

For those who aren’t familiar with these groups, there is a brand-new 78-minute sampler CD with music from the upcoming as-yet-unreleased albums, as well as music from previous albums by Deluge Grander, Birds and Buildings, and Cerebus Effect available at HERE (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/emkog) . It is full to the brim with the very best music from six albums, and at $7 costs about half as much as a regular CD.

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