15 September 2010

Phideaux to play RoSfest 2011

Phideaux is a band comprised of many friends who have known each other since early childhood (Phideaux Xavier and Valerie Gracious were in nursery school together). They produce recordings of adventurous art rock music and make occasional live appearances. Always eclectic and somewhat hard to pin down, Phideaux has been described as funny, serious, doomy, derivative, innovative, pretentious, goth-tinged space folk "prog" rock. They are inspired by mellotrons, flutes and keyboard heavy music but are also known to love dual lead guitars and power chords. Syncopation and tricky time signatures are sometimes used but there's always a melody to be hummed and riffs that invade your ears and mind. The lyrics tell stories - sometimes clearly, sometimes not - but always with an intent to spark an image or metaphor. Phideaux's sixth album Doomsday Afternoon generated a bit of a buzz and won best foreign album 2007 in the Italian Prog Awards. 2010 will mark the release of the album Snowtorch. This album is a continuation of the long form compositions found on Doomsday Afternoon and Chupacabras. It represents another foray into progressive rock, with perhaps a tiny bit of jazz fusion, psyche/freak out and heavy rock. It may surprise you!

Drop by the Bloodfish Records website where you can listen to tracks from all of the Phideaux albums and download some free stuff: http://www.bloodfish.com.

Discography: Fiendish (2003); Ghost Story (2004); Chupacabras (2005); "313" (2005); The Great Leap (2006); Doomsday Afternoon (2007); Number Seven (2009); Snowtorch (2010)

Look For Phideaux on the RoSfest stage with a brand new album and a brand new show.

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