06 September 2010

NEARfest announces Accordo dei Contrari for 2011

After a long, one year absence of Italian progressive music, NEARfest returns to Italy and brings to you, the rock fusion workings of Accordo dei Contrari.

Accordo dei Contrari were formed in 2001 in Bologna, Italy; conceived as a vehicle for making original instrumental music that did not sound like the usual to anyone especially to the members of the band itself. For three years they worked as a trio with Cristian Franchi on drums, Giovanni Parmeggiani on keyboards and Alessandro Pedrini on guitar. In 2003 Daniele Piccinini joined the band on bass, but soon Alessandro Pedrini departed as Accordo dei Contrari were against the idea of working as a quartet. Oddly, they became a quintet in January 2004 with Cristian Franchi on drums, Giovanni Parmeggiani on keyboards, Daniele Piccinini on bass, Marco Marzo on guitar and Vladimiro Cantaluppi on violin.

After two years of rehearsals they understood that being a quintet was a simpleminded way of doing things. In 2006 Vladimiro Cantaluppi left the band, making the best choice at the worst time; just one month before recording. Paradoxically, Accordo dei Contrari, born to refuse to work as a quartet, recorded their very first work as a quartet and the album, "Kinesis" was the result. With two days of live-recording in studio in June 2006, with short overdubs of violin and sax in October-November 2006, AdC created a modern day rock/fusion masterpiece. Accordo dei Contrari's influences range from progressive rock music and rock-jazz of seventies, to contemporary jazz and classical music of 20th century.

With the recording of a new album already in progress, AdC is poised to ramp up their game with some special guest vocals, as well as a continued jaunt into rock fusion. Welcome the return of Italy back into the NEARfest fray as Jim, Kevin and I are pleased to present Accord dei Contrari as our 2011 Saturday festival opener.


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