23 June 2008

NEARfest 2008 post-fest wrapup part 1

Yeah, I blew all the posting last week. A lot happened. I'm on a more even keel today though, so things should pick back up. In the first part of my festival wrap-up, I'm going to post my list of swag I brought back.

It's a significantly longer than I thought it would be...

I had a short list of titles I had to buy. If I got these the rest didn't matter. I got all three of my must buys:

Le Orme - Live in Pennsylvania 2-CD/1-DVD set. Sadly not the whole show...it misses Collage and Rondo. But still nice to have about 100 minutes of the 2 hour set.

The Red Masque - Fossileyes. Got it early enough to score the promo DVD along with it.

Pure Reason Revolution - Live at NEARfest. Does what it says on the label.


This is kinda everything else :-)

Strawbs - Live at the Calderone on Witchwood Records

DFA - Work in Progress Live

DFA - 4th (both of these I got at Moonjune on the 2 for $25 deal)

Progday 2001 2-CD set (for 5 bucks I complete the collection)

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Di Terra (my friend Mark Guenther kindly picked this up for me)

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Canto di Primavera

Kingfisher Sky (the preview on the screen and PA sold this one)

Gerard - can't remember the title (my friend Kevin Cosentino was kind enough to pick this one up)

Fireballet t-shirt (free! and not in my size!)

Fireballet CD sampler (free! and IN my size!)

NEARfest 2008 T-shirt (in progfan size! dark grey with the dual twisted dragon logo)

NEARfest 2008 programme (for which a story exists for later)


firefly said...

How were Fish and Synergy?

Bill K. said...

I did not attend the Friday night show and as such cannot comment.

firefly said...

Heard of this guy? He said he went...
Synphonic/Greg Walker
P.O. Box 134
American Fork, UT 84003
Email: progregwalker@sprynet.com
Website: http://www.synphonic.8m.com/

Bill K. said...

Yes, he is one of the regular vendors at the festival.

Anonymous said...
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Bill K. said...

Three strikes and you're out. I've deleted this comment, will likely go back and remove the others, and as it seems we have our very first troll, I'll be moving commenting to moderated for a time until the 'problem' goes away.

Apologies for the disruption in service.