12 June 2008

RMI: 3 new titles forthcoming

Available at Nearfest, and from July 1st to order, the following Radio Massacre International releases.

Rain Falls In A Different Way: A companion piece to Rain Falls In Grey, and a collection of new music recorded during the same time frame using similar instrumentation. Expansive and atmospheric as well as strongly rhythmic space rock.

Philadelphia Air Shot: A single performance for WXPN Radio in Philadelphia in 2007, using an arranged piece as a starting point, moving into sequencer improvisation before ending up in deep space over the luxury of an hour. From the DAT master.

Fast Forward 1993-2008: A budget priced compilation with a difference. This aims to represent every one of 30 albums over the course of a single disc whilst being a new unique listening experience of itself. Ideal as an introduction to the band or as a `spot the album' game for seasoned followers. Also a convenient way to load a career's worth of RMI into your MP3 player at a stroke.


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