16 June 2008

Yes, you guessed it...

This is the beginning of NEARfest week.

As I am preparing for 2 days of progressive rock live, I'll be spending more time away from posting news-y posts, instead offering up some stuff from NEARfests past, leading to the actual festival itself this weekend. I'll be posting links to past festival reviews, photo galleries, and so on. Most of this will likely bore the heck out of you, but maybe it'll also impart some of the excitement that comes from preparing to do my part to spur economic stimulus in Bethlehem PA.

TOMORROW: my list of NF 'must buys,' and why.
Wednesday: A look back at NF 2007.
Thursday: A look back at NF 2006.
Friday: A look back at other past NFs...Friday night is also the annual Pre-festival BBQ at our place. Loads of great loud music, and fresh hot burgers and chicken...some of the best potato salad this side of the Mississippi as well!
Saturday/Sunday: The festival. I'll be posting a link to where you can hear band by band opinions after the performances (I hope).
Monday: The wrap-up.

So sit back and relax...the next few days will be fun.

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