12 June 2008

Robin Taylor - Art Cinema - New Band

Art Cinema is the name of a new Danish *supergroup*, founded in the autumn of 2007 by prog veterans Robin Taylor (Taylor's Universe) and Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate).

After working together on the much praised album, Soundwall (released as Taylor's Universe with Denner, and reviewed HERE), the two gentlemen decided to form a group, working through material by songwriter Jesper Harrits. The result will be due in the summer of 2008.

Art Cinema's music is a mix of almost every corner on the Prog palette: pop, metal, jazz, avant-garde, electronic and ambient music. First of all it's melodic, song based music - but don't forget: Taylor was there...

Art Cinema - Marvel of Beauty Records - MOBCD 019

Jytte Lindberg
and Louise Nipper: vocals

Robin Taylor
: keyboard, guitars, percussion

Michael Denner
: guitars

Jon Hemmersam
: guitars

Carsten Sindvald
: saxophones

Flemming Muus Tranberg
: bass

Bjarne Holm
: drums

Pierre Tassone
: violins

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