10 June 2008

CANVAS SOLARIS at ProgDay 2008!

CANVAS SOLARIS have defied the constraints of their beginnings in the death/mathcore scene to evolve into one of the most cutting edge instrumental bands to hit progressive rock in many years. Initially a vocal quartet playing an unusual and experimental form of death metal, by the time they recorded their first official release they had shed their vocalist and shifted focus to intricate instrumental arrangements. TRIBUNAL RECORDS called it "...genius level stuff."

The evolution continued as CANVAS SOLARIS incorporated additional elements in their work. Their sound became eloquently expansive as more prominent keyboards, integral acoustic arrangements, and ethnic percussion widened their musical vocabulary.

Signing with SENSORY RECORDS (The Laser's Edge) in 2005, they began a series of releases that has shown just how far they have come from their origins. Contrasting intense hyper-technical passages with introverted, spacey, quiet and acoustic-based interludes, today CANVAS SOLARIS have established themselves as one of the bands pointing a new direction for the heavy progressive and progmetal scenes. As Tribunal Records has said, "We guarantee it will blow your mind!"

ProgDay, the world’s longest running progressive rock festival, takes place this year on August 30th and 31st at Storybook Farm near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Other bands announced so far are
Ain Soph (Japan), CHEER-ACCIDENT (US), Holding Pattern (US), and VonFrickle (US). To hear music and get information about all the bands, please visit our website at www.progday.com.

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