07 June 2008

Keith Emerson - new album info

Keep in mind much of this is based on info gleaned from sources less than official (i.e., not the official KE site), but...

Apparently the following is the tracklist for the soon to be released Keith Emerson album:

1. Ignition
2. 1st Presence
3. Last Horizon
4. Miles Away pt1
5. Miles Away pt2
6. Sonata
7. Fugue
9. Marche Train
10. Blue Inferno
11. 3rd Presence
12. Prelude To A Hop
13. A Place To Hide
14. Miles Away pt3
15. Finale
16. The Art Of Falling Down
17. Malambo (from "Estancia Suite")
18. Gametime
19. The Parting

According to 'Maninthemountain' on the ProgressiveEars web forum, tracks 1 through 15 are a connected suite of tracks. Track 17 is another KE arrangement/adaptation of a piece by Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera (previous 'covers' include 'Toccata,' adapted
adapted from the fourth movement of his first piano concerto and released on the Brain Salad Surgery album and 'Creole Dance,' an adaptation of Ginastera's Suite de Danzas Criollas).

also adds...

I'm certainly bias [sic] at this point, and only heard it once with the man himself. But, you all are really in for a treat! It was the proggiest & most ELP sounding album he's done since BSS...'

Read more about his experiences with Keith, and that first album listen, here.


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This is the official site:


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Again, if you have nothing better to add than some nonsensical pseudo=stream of consciousness blather, take it elsewhere please.

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The album was released in Japan 8/20/08... has anyone else actually heard any of it? Reviews, samples... anything?!

Bjørn Are said...

It is a very exciting album, Keith is really in form!

Soundbits are available at http://www.neowing.co.jp/track_for_cdj.html?KEY=VICP-64196