16 June 2008

Last minute NEARfest details

This just in from Chad Hutchinson, one of the two organisers/founders of NEARfest. If you're going, read this :-)

Well, the clock is ticking and NFX is just about here. Below is some last minute information that you may find useful...

1. Photography
You may take photos. However, there are a few ground rules...
a. No flash!
b. Please do not block anyone's view
c. Minimize movement around the venue as it is distracting to others
d. No stage access

2. No audio and video recording
The venue and artists restrict any audio and video recording. It is printed on the back of the tickets as a reminder. Please adhere to these rules. Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the recording and the recording device. The device will be returned at the end of the festival.

3. Trash
If you are tailgating, please make sure to clean up after yourselves. We can't afford hefty littering fines!

4. Entering/Exiting during a performance
If you need to enter or exit Baker Hall during a performance, please use the doors at the top of the steps on either side. The side door is off-limits as it allows too much light into the performance hall.

5. Food Vendors
There will be two food vendors outside on the Zoellner grounds as well as some indoor vending by the Wood Company. Any beer and wine purchased inside must remain indoors. There will also be walking maps on a few tables in Zoellner to help you get around Bethlehem.

6. NEARfest 10x10 IPA
The Bethlehem Brew Works is once again offering a special NEARfest beer. This year it is NEARfest 10x10 IPA, a hop-lovers dream! Take your ticket stub to the brewery for $1.00 of a pint!

7. Wristbands
When you arrive at the venue on Saturday and Sunday, make sure to go to the table in front of Baker Hall and get your wristband. This will speed entry back into the hall after the breaks/set changes.

8. CD Vendors
The layout will be similar to past years (4 rooms on the main level), but we are moving the bands to the second floor in Room 211. This will alleviate traffic in Room 121 (where the NEARfest shirts, programs, etc. are) and allow the bands to be closer to the autograph line, eliminating their need to move merchandise upstairs for the signings. Note: While all bands are invited to do the signings, we cannot guarantee that they will all participate.

9. Safe Travels!
There is a lot of travel information on the NEARfest website. Please leverage that to get yourself to Bethlehem safely this weekend.

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