13 June 2008

Fireballet...rising from the embers

This was posted to the newly started official Fireballet MySpace page:

OK, I promised news was coming and here is the first of it, and it is BIG! This comes straight from Jim Cuomo himself. For all of you who are attending Nearfest, check out the Fireballet table that will be there in the Vendor's room. There you will be able to get your hands on a t-shirt and sampler cd featuring three songs from the bands past. The CD will also have this news on it:

Coming in 2009!

*Deluxe Edition CD of Night on Bald Mountain (1975) including special ltd. edition packaging and bonus material.
*Deluxe Edition CD of Two, Too (1976) including special ltd. edition packaging and bonus material.
*Solo Album by Fireballet guitarist Ryhche Chlanda.

And much, much more!

This is very exciting news. Spread the word about this site, www.myspace.com/fireballetofficial

Fireballet were a Progressive rock band based in New Jersey in the early to mid-seventies. Their brand of music blended the sounds of bands such as Genesis, King Crimson, and Deep Purple with the chamber pop bands such as The Left Banke from the late 60s. They disbanded in 1976, but now the albums are finally being officially released on CD after only being available as bootlegs for so long. The embers have been stirred and it appears that Fireballet are about to reemerge on the music scene.

Jim Cuomo: Percussion, Lead and Backing Vocals

Brian Hough
: Hammond Organ, Other Organs, Keyboards, and Backing Vocals

Ryche Chlanda
: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electronic Devices, and Vocals

Frank Petto
: Pianos, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Various Other Keyboards, and Vocals

Martyn Biglin
: Bass, 12-String Guitar, Pedals

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bill K!
Thanks for the FireBallet info.
I was thinking of going to NEARFEST this year and now that I know that I may be able to get an FB shirt or CD it's just more motivation to get there.
Sam L.