09 June 2008

Bruford/Earthworks news

Posted by Sid Smith at the Bill Bruford Website:

Well there’s no doubt that July is a jolly good month for Bill Bruford fans. Alongside Bill will be Tim Garland (saxes) Laurie Cottle (bass) and Gwilym Simcock (piano ) for three nights of instrumental fireworks at the legendary London jazz club, Ronnie Scott's.

The gigs will be running 28th – 30th July and are bound to be packed to the gills, especially when you consider that the last time Earthworks played in concert was January 2007. Our advice is to get your tickets sharpish. You snooze, you loose.

Earlier in the month (Tuesday July 8th) Bill will be performing with Tim Garland, guitarist Dave 'Fuse' Fiuczynski, and Andrei Kondakov, (piano, keyboards) in St. Petersburg.

The concert kicks off at 8.00 p.m in the spectacular surroundings of the Great Courtyard of the Winter Palace. You can find our more details by going here


Anonymous said...

Guess Bill's gigs with King Crimson are over ...
Bill- the ultimate showman, humorist and one of the greatest drummers of all time!

Bill K. said...

Being realistic...Bruford hasn't played with Crimson since 1996. Yes, he was involved in ProjeKct One in 1998, but as other ProjeKct bands came about, it was fairly obvious that Fripp's direction and Bruford's directions were no longer in parallel. The fact that Bruford has moved even further in the direction of jazz only emphasises this divergence in path.

Anonymous said...
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Bill K. said...

I'm quite sure you know this, and are simply trolling the blog (three anonymous posts all with similar syntax, under different 'names'? Come on...), but Bruford's not been involved in Yes for close to two decades now. He's got his own thing, and is very happy with it.

Might I suggest that if you have nothing better to do than anonymously troll this blog, you find a better use of your time?

Thanks in advance.