13 June 2008

ABIGAIL'S GHOST Comes To ProgDay 2008!

When one thinks of music from Louisiana, progressive rock is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. With a few exceptions, like ProgDay alumni WOODENHEAD, the state is best known for jazz, blues and zydeco. So it was a bit of a surprise in 2007 when the album Selling Insincerity burst out of the bayou by a young band that went by the moniker of ABIGAIL'S GHOST. The album drew rave reviews on the Internet and in both the prog and mainstream rock press.

Founded by childhood friends JOSHUA THERIOT and KENNETH WILSON, both former students at the Berklee College Of Music, the band draws influences from a wide array of both modern and classic progressive rock and art rock. Often compared to PORCUPINE TREE, shades of OPETH, RIVERSIDE and PINK FLOYD can also be found within the framework of the band’s material. The songs are emotional and atmospheric, encompassing both soft acoustic interludes and bombastic heaviness bordering on metal.

ProgDay is proud to welcome ABIGAIL'S GHOST to the Storybook Farm stage. We are sure they are going to be a major highlight of the weekend.

ProgDay, the world’s longest running progressive rock festival, takes place this year on August 30th and 31st at Storybook Farm near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Other bands announced so far are
Ain Soph (Japan), Canvas Solaris (US), CHEER-ACCIDENT (US), Holding Pattern (US), and VonFrickle (US).

To hear music and get information about all the bands, please visit their website at

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