26 June 2008

Strawbs: John Hawken leaves group

This is from a mail news flash courtesy of Dick Greener, webmaster for the Strawbs, also posted here:

John Hawken has decided that it is time to give up the rigours of life on the road with the Strawbs. It's not news that any Strawbs fan will welcome, but in view of his recent ill health, a
decision which I'm sure we can all understand and accept.

For the last few years we've had the pleasure of seeing the full power and majesty of the Hero And Heroine/Ghosts line up back on stage in all its glory. But now it's time to move on.

Strawbs will continue as the core four piece line-up, Cousins, Lambert, Cronk and Coombes, and will review future electric shows over the next few weeks.

John Hawken
"I regard the last 4 years as an unexpected bonus, filled with wonderful music and a lot of laughter.

This is not something I give up lightly, but each year I've found touring more exhausting than the year before and my recent health problem finally decided the issue. It's time to go.

I wish the remaining band members every success and happiness in their musical ventures - I hope we meet up again somewhere down the road."

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