02 June 2008

The Red Masque signs to ReR USA

The Red Masque have signed with progressive label RER USA (www.rerusa.com) and will be releasing their new album, Fossil Eyes, in late June 2008 through RER USA's own label Ad Hoc Records.

RER USA was founded in 2003 by David Kerman as the exclusive North American distributor of the English label, ReR Megacorp, a twenty five year old company that defines the vanguard of experimental, progressive, interesting and genre-defying music. The Red Masque expect to have the new album available at the North East Art Rock Festival (NEARFest) from June 20-22 at the RER USA vending booth for purchase. Members of the band will be on hand to sign copies. Fossil Eyes will be available through RER USA's webstore by late June. More details forthcoming....

We will also have some show announcements and other news in the next week or so, and we have recently updated our website with a much needed overhaul. Please stop by and visit!


Thank you,
The Red Masque


Anonymous said...

"Unconventional and eccentric in musical form, the sophisticatedly sinister The Red Masque fuses together such disparate musical references as horror movie soundtracks, rock-in-opposition, progressive rock, experimental, zeuhl, heavy rock, gothic, psychedelia, space rock, and kraut rock." WOW! (off their web site)
I'VE HEARD IT ALL NOW! AS MUCH AS I LIKE MUSIC OF ALL GENRES; WHERE DO PEOPLE FIND THE TIME TO LISTEN TO SO MANY GROUPS? what is 'kraut rock?' no offense to goth listeners, but IMO goth is far removed from prog...

firefly said...

What is 'zeuhl?' Neither zeuhl nor kraut were in a standard dictionary, probably on dictionary.com, when i get the time... (sour-kraut?)

Bill K. said...


Zeuhl (Pronunciation: zEU(h)l) means celestial in Kobaïan, the constructed language created by Christian Vander. Originally solely applied to the music of Vander's band, Magma, the term zeuhl was eventually used to describe the similar music produced by French bands, beginning in the mid-1970s. Although primarily a French phenomenon, zeuhl has influenced recent avant-garde Japanese bands.

Zeuhl typically blends progressive rock, symphonic rock, fusion, neoclassicism, aspects of rock in opposition and vocal elements of African-American spirituals and Western military call and response. Common aspects include dissonance, marching themes, throbbing bass, keyboards including piano, Rhodes piano, or organ, and brass instruments.

Bill K. said...

Also from Wikipedia:

Krautrock is an eclectic and often very original mix of Anglo-American post-psychedelic jamming and moody progressive rock mixed with ideas from contemporary experimental classical music (especially composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, with whom, for example, Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay of Can had previously studied) and from the new experimental directions that emerged in jazz during the 1960s and 1970's. Moving away from the patterns of song structure and melody of much rock music in America and Britain, some in the movement also drove the music to a more mechanical and electronic sound. The key component characterizing the groups gathered under the term is the synthesis of Anglo-American rock and roll rhythm and energy with a decided will to distance themselves from specifically American blues origins, but to draw on German or sources instead.

Typical bands dubbed "krautrock" in the 1970s included Tangerine Dream, Faust, Can, Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel and others associated with the celebrated Cologne-based producers and engineers Dieter Dierks and Conny Plank, such as Neu!, Kraftwerk and Cluster.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill-
I think I will invent my own music now, and call it something like 'scorpion' where the music pinches and stings, LOL.