14 June 2008

Cynic: new album done

Posted this week in Stick player Sean Malone's blog:

Bass and Stick parts are finished, and except for a few vocal treatments, the new CD is currently being mixed. Similar to how Focus was recorded it was a tempest of creativity, though matched this time with sense of restraint. It's impossible to know how fans will react to any new recording; some will like it, some won't. But I'm hopeful that those who decide to buy the CD will spend some time with it, and expect that the music will reveal itself in layers rather than all at once.

Sonically, harmonically, and structurally, this new CD is much more an inward journey; perhaps a reflection of the 15 years that have passed since Focus. But it's still very much a
Cynic CD, and I'll be interested to see the reaction from this current generation...one that has never known an Internet-less world; often impatient and who require relentless exposure and stimulus to maintain their attention.

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