08 June 2008

Strawbs/Hidria Spacefolk/Alamaailman Vasarat news

Alamaailman Vasarat Upcoming concert dates:

25-27.07.08 Mission Folk Music Festival, Mission, Canada
01.08.08 Bardentreffen, Nürnberg, Germany

14.08.08 Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

15.08.08 Eurion 2008, Smrzovka, Czech Republic

16.08.08 Zappanale, Bad Doberan, Germany

Hidria Spacefolk news:

NEW members in Hidria-family!!!

Veikko (the Wolf) Sutinen has joined the band. (keyboards and synths). He played with us the past 4 gigs, and did extremely well, so his part of Hidria now!

J. Lounatvuori has moved to Berlin and is unable to play active role in the band at the moment. Don't worry, he's still with us. We will be playing with him on our upcoming gig in Berlin.

The band's newest release is titled Live at Heart, and was recorded live at Burg Herzberg Festival, Germany 23.7.2006.

1. Futur Ixiom 7:47

2. Sindran Rastafan 11:02

3. Symetria 7:22

4. Sine 12:35

5. Radien 11:16

6. Tarapita 15:16

You can get this from the band's own webshop.

Strawbs: New Album!

Strawbs' new album will be called THE BROKEN-HEARTED BRIDE. It has been recorded by the Hero and Heroine line-up (plus some guests, inculding Ian Cutler on fiddle) in April and May 2008 for an expected September release date. Some of the newly recorded songs are featured on the Electric band tours in the UK and the US. Chris Tsangarides, who did such a wonderful production job on Secret Paths is back at the controls. Click on the pic for a look at a larger image of the latest version of the cover.

New songs include: "Through Aphrodite's Eyes", "Too Many Angels", "Christmas Cheer", "Everybody Knows". Sneak preview to follow shortly.

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