12 June 2008

Pure Reason Revolution: Band updates (and new release reminder)

British band Pure Reason Revolution have posted a few goodies and year in review (since 2007-ish) type things of late...rather than ctl-c, ctl-v them, I'll give you the links and encourage you to explore :-)

The 2007 year in review by drummer Paul Glover. Some neat tidbits in there, including one of the most enjoyable looks at NEARfest I've read from any band more familiar with the sweatier live pub scene in the UK and Europe.

The 2007 Year in Review Accompanying Video. Well, I don't see the link on the page, so it may go up in a bit. But supposedly including footage from their first US tour...again, including NEARfest.

And as a reminder, we are 1 week away from the official release of the new Pure Reason Revolution album Live at NEARfest 2007 (you can see the cover art HERE), coming out on (wait for it) NEARfest Records. It goes without saying that I plan on picking this one up early Saturday morning at Zoellner Arts Center on day one/two (depending on how you count it this year) of NEARfest X. They may not be a pure progressive rock band, but I love their infectious mix of swirling synths, Beach Boy-influenced vocal harmonies, and driving grooves and beats. Most definitely one of the more enjoyable new bands to come out the past few years...

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