11 June 2008

Strawbs: another new release

Not yet listed on the official Strawbs page, so take this with as many grains of salt as you wish, but it is listed on the Amazon.co.uk website, among others:


This double CD was recorded live at The Robin in Bilston on the 5th March 2006 and features: David Cousins (vocals, guitar & banjo) / Dave Lambert (lead guitar & vocals) / John Hawken (keyboards) / Chas Cronk (bass & vocals) / Rod Coombes (drums) with special guest: John Ford (vocals & guitar) The set features all the hit singles and many classic album tracks spanning the Strawbs 40 year career.

Track List - Disc 1:

01. Lay Down

02. I Only Want My Love To Grow In You

03. Shine On Silver Sun

04. Ghosts

05. Remembering You And I When We Were Young

06. Cold Steel

07. Impressions Of Southall From The Train

08. The Auction

09. Out In The Cold

10. Round And Round

11. Just Love

Track List - Disc 2:

01. Heroine's Theme

02. Deep Summer's Sleep

03. The Winter Long

04. Raqs Aswad [drum Solo]

05. Hero And Heroine

06. Round And Round [reprise]

07. Part Of The Union

08. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus [Acoustic Set] * Bonus Track *

09. Tears [Acoustic Set] * Bonus Track *

10. Pavan [Acoustic Set] * Bonus Track *

11. Kissed By The Sun [Acoustic Set] * Bonus Track *

12. Heavy Disguise [Acoustic Set] * Bonus Track *

I am guessing that John Ford is guesting on the acoustic tracks, as those all come (I believe) from his era in the band. I also find it interesting that "Autumn" has been broken into three component tracks (1-3 on CD 2), as has "The Life Auction" (tracks 7-8 on CD 1). Alas, no "Ghosts," but we have that on the NEARfest 2004 live release, as well as the recent archival 1975 release on the band's Witchwood Records.

In related news, due to a general lack of attentiveness (well, and a lack of funds, but let's not let those facts get in the way of a good story), I'll be missing seeing the Strawbs yet again, as this time they play less than 20 miles from my house at the lovely Theatre 1894 in Sellersville PA. Why their electric tours seem to always coincide with NEARfest (or at least they seem to have done so for the past 4 years), I will never know.

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