10 June 2008

Hawkwind: Hawkfest 2008 info

Hawkfest 2008
Devon UK -25-27 July

Hello Folks, here is the Hawkfest Line Up So Far (In no particular order with more to be announced)

Tim Blake

The Starfighters

TOSH - Technicians Of Spaceship Hawkwind -



Tribe Of Cro


Omnia Opera


Wind Of Change


Danse Of The Dead

Tits Of Death

Underground Zero



Uncle Rotter

Spirits of the Earth

Bez 23 (DJ)

Richard Chadwick (DJ Session)

Dj Flo psychedelic travel guide

Lightshows from Chaos Illumination and Floroworld

Family friendly with kid's area, lounge bar, cafes, stalls, theatre, workshops, free camping on site.

For tickets and information go to www.hawkwind.com and follow the links to the Hawkfest microsite


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah -its gonna be cool, but who will get married this year? Lemmy? Ol' Nik? DIKMIK?

And can we have three days of sunshine please? And no bl**dy planes flying overhead? (This alone will save ££££ on not getting drunk just to get some sleep THANKS MIDLANDS AIRPORT!!!!!)

Still it should be good, even the wife and kiddies are coming this year!!!!!!

Time to go into orbit....

Anonymous said...

haha looks like mad andy got his wish!

i returned home as red as a tomoato and i only saw a bi-plane if that counts??