17 November 2008

Wobbler news

Compiling several comments from Lars Fredrik Frøislie posted on ProgressiveEars:

...Our second album "Afterglow" is just around the corner - this time released on both cd and vinyl on our own label; Termo Records sometime early next year.
I put out two songs on myspace if you're interested.

...after all these songs were made back in 1999.

...Anyway, it'll be nice to put out this records without any hype or anything like that that (like the last one got). This is our medieval-album i guess, with lots of crum-horn and recorders and stuff (though i believe there even is some mellotron in there).

The album will have new-recordings of both the old demos - with some changes, better sound, real instruments and so on. The old demo was only ever released on mp3, so we thought it would be nice to finally release it properly on cd and lp.

There will also be other songs on the album as well of course.


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