12 November 2008

Speaking of official free downloads...

In my backlog pile of stuff that I need to post (happens when you get a forced 4 day break from having time to write), I have this to present to you:


Solstice Coil is a progressive rock band from Israel. A member of the group, Shir Deutch, dropped me a line to let me know that the band has 2 releases available for download at their website above (A Prescription for Papercuts from 2005 and demos from their forthcoming second album release). I have to admit that my time has been pretty scarce lately, but what I have read on their website looks intriguing...I have the material downloaded, but as yet have not found the time to listen. So this is a bit of a blind recommendation but let's look at it this way...I am at the tail end of a musical generation who used to pick albums to purchase on little more than cover art. I remember the days of seeing grandiose covers liek Fireballet's A Night on Bald Mountain and saying "Oh, this looks awesome...it's got to be good!' without so much as a single listen to any of the music.

So take a chance.

And in a few days, when I have had time to digest Solstice Coil's material, I'll let you know what I think as well!

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