08 November 2008

The rainy weekend now playing...

Yesterday I got home to several packages on my table waiting for me. Each contained several CDs for review. While some of these are certainly not for this site (unless you'd like my thoughts on classic 1980's New Jersey scene hardcore and/or punk), the disc I am playing right now so totally suits the day, my mood, end everything else, that I just had to make a brief mention of it in lieu of a longer review, which I think shall be forthcoming soon.

The artist in question is a gentleman named Marvin Ayres, and the album is titled Eccentric Deliquescence. His press kit describes him as 'orchestral ambient minimalism,' and truer words have likely never been spoken. This is brilliant stuff...if you find Robert Fripp's soundscapes to be a bit too electronic, the more organic tones of Ayres work will be your proverbial cuppa (I prefer my cuppa to be Darjeeling with 2 tsp sugar, no milk, please...and I bet that'd gojust fine with this music). There's cello, violin, piano, otherworldly voices...I almost want to say moments here verge on the sacred, such is the mood that permeates every tone on this album. It's soothing and disconcerting at the same time...I feel at ease listening, yet there's something not quite calm resting uneasily under the gentle currents. I like that conflict. And I can't wait to delve deeper into these musical waters.

Expect a deeper review later, when I can find the words to adequately describe this experience.

Marvin Ayres' website
Marvin Ayres' MySpace

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