14 November 2008

News Briefs: Phideaux, Syzygy

Phideaux has announced the completion of his/their newest release:

"It is called "Number Seven" (although if you've been reading the Phideaux blog you've known this since February). It is our seventh album. It is not the concluding chapter in our trilogy (begun with "The Great Leap" and "Doomsday Afternoon"). Instead, this is an album that developed out of rehearsals and concerts leading up to our performance last year at Festival Crescendo in France.

For this album, we have stayed within the ranks of Phideaux. There are no guest stars and all music is generated by the live band. The music is complex, twiddly, murky, depressing, mysterious, jazzy and sometimes just a little bit goth. Right now we are mixing the album, hoping it will find its release before the end of the year.

Stylistically, this album fits more with "Doomsday Afternoon" and "Chupacabras" in our canon. It is a keyboard heavy album. We are indexing it with 18 titles, but that is misleading because there are really only 9 songs. This will allow you to access particular sections of the somewhat lengthy pieces.

The names of the songs:

1. Dormouse - a theme 1:05

2. Waiting For The Axe To Fall 19:20

3. Darkness At Noon 4:00

4. Gift Of The Flame 6:00

5. Thermonuclear Cheese 2:30

6. The Search For Terrestrial Life 8:30

7. Love Theme from "Number Seven" 14:20

8. Infinite Supply 5:05

9. Dormouse - an end 2:00

As promised, no animals (surf or turf) were harmed in this production. And the best news of all is that this album contains no 20 minute epics (we stopped at 19). Let us all hope and prey that this album can be mixed and mastered before the end of 2008. We don't want to break our run of an album every year!

Also, be sure to book your tickets for 3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival in Pittsburgh, PA, USA in August 2009 for we will be performing there."

Syzygy has been announced for the second 3 Rivers Prog Festival:

This very talented and diverse band will be performing at 3RP 2009. Their material is interesting and refreshing, and also will take your music memories back to many of the King's of Prog from the 1970's.

They are in the process of completing a new Double Album/CD called "Realms Of Eternity". This will be their 3rd album/CD.

Checkout their website at www.syzygymusic.com
While at their website, checkout the reviews section.
Especially read the reviews by
Progressive Ears - "The Allegory Of Light"
info@seaoftranquility.org - "The Allegory Of Light"
Looking forward to their performance at 3RP 2009."

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