13 November 2008

Scattered Planets reunion gig announced for tomorrow!

Once again, SCATTERED PLANETS rises from the ashes of decay for a rare reunion gig!

This Friday, November 14, the 'classic' Scattered Planets lineup will reunite for Landing Pad VIII, a Space Rock Festival.

Spatial Coordinates:

The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. Phila., PA (near U Penn campus)

Temporal Coordinates:

Friday Nov. 14, 7 PM


Scattered Planets Classic Lineup, performing your favorite Scattered Planets psycho ambient space rock classics such as Dead and Moving, Vogon Invasion, and more!!

Invasion Fleet: Jeff (Alien Flutes, Glissando Guitar), Cyndee (Viper Space Violin), Doug (our Evil Dictator, Synths, Vocals, Programming), Rich (Guitar, Vintage Sound Generators), Ken the Extremist (Theremin), and others.

Other Assault Teams:


Radio Eris

Baptist Preachers

Plus videos, visuals, etc.

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