22 November 2008

Caravan: The Future?

This from the official Caravan news site...not a promising post, sadly:

I can confirm that Jan Schelhaas has moved to Scotland and now lives outside Perth. While this makes collaboration between Pye (Hastings) and Jan a tantalising prospect, it dampens the possibilities of Caravan regrouping, as the costs of meeting up to rehearse and tour are more or less prohibitive.

Pye also feels that a guitarist would be essential, and finding the right person would take a huge commitment of time and energy. Doug (Boyle) regretfully does not wish to play live (although he and Pye are on good terms, having met in London fairly recently). Added to that is the on going question about Richard's (Coughlin) ability to be able to cope with a series of dates.

The best prospect at present therefore is to look forward to releases by individual band members. Jan's very good album is out and Pye is beginning to reflect on who he would like to support him on his solo album, which he is working on. He is keen to involve members of the band...

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