14 November 2008

Marillion: it's their world...

...we only live in it.

Yet another adventure in harnessing the power of the internet, courtesy of the boys from Aylesbury:

We have decided to take a brave step - to record every night of our Happiness on the Road tour straight off the mixing desk, and upload it for you to buy THE NEXT DAY. But this is an experiment for us, so here's what you need to know:

If you are familiar with the Front Row Club, these recordings will be of similar quality. The source will be the main outputs of the live mixing desk - so while the audio will be of high quality, it is being mixed for the venue, and each release will have a slightly different character. But you will be getting the entire show from start to finish as it happened!

Next, because many venues we are playing do not have high-speed reliable internet connections, we will be compressing the audio as 256 kbps MP3 audio before uploading it to our server. This is to help speed up the process and avoid a lot of potential errors and problems - so we won't be able to offer the shows in any other (i.e. FLAC) audio format.
Minimal artwork including a track listing will be provided with each download - we intend to list the individual track listings on this page rather than creating individual 'discography entries' for each show; you can also check the 2008 Tour History web page for updated set lists from the show.

We will do our best to make every show available - but there may be technical problems or other issues that arise meaning some gigs may not be available. In the same way, there may be a delay of a day or two before some gigs are on sale due to the availability of an internet connection at or near the venue.

Finally, the band will have ultimate 'veto' power. Should the decide that for some reason they don't want a show to be made available, well, it won't be! But they have all said they want to make every show - no matter what goofs, hiccups, or error may happen! - available.
This is an experiment for us, so we will be learning as we go along, too... bear with us! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post on the Marillion Forums or contact us directly via email.

Three shows are currently available (ABC, Glasgow - 9 November 2008; The Basement, Newcastle - 10 November 2008; Colston Hall, Bristol - 11 November 200), with the most recent show from Leeds due to be available sometime this evening.

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Anonymous said...

When Yes played here in Dayton, OH, at the Nutter Center (Nut House) on their 'Talk' tour, they broadcasted the show over the radio; so fans could tape it.
My brother taped it and it turned out ok, but with poor sound quality.
Sounds like Marillion is doing a better job at it through the Internet and their soundboard!
Now we have YouTube, too, for shows.