05 November 2008

Alan Reed (Pallas) update

Just in this morning via the official Pallas mailing list:

"Dear all,

Just back from Munich where - in a bid to alleviate the boredom while I wait for the latest work in progress from Aberdeen's 'Tuesday Night Music Club" - I've just spent a couple of days singing on yet another album.

This time I added my throaty warble to a number of songs on the forthcoming album by Parzifal's Eye. It's the solo project of RPWL bass-player Chris Postl, and apart from myself (and Chris, obviously) there are contributions from various members of the Alan Parsons Project and a guitarist whose name I can't pronounce, but who is frankly astounding. I can also absolutely, positively, and emphatically confirm that the album is a Nolan and Jowitt free zone!!! (and there aren't many of those :-) I think JJ offered to play some cowbell, but he's been turned down).

More details (and possibly some photos) on the Pallas blog page soon.


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