01 November 2008

USA Today article about Yes

Thanks to the people at ProgressiveEars for bringing this one to my attention.

There's a reasonable article about the current Yes/In the Present activities available on their website. It really doesn't tell us much about the situation that most of us don't already know (save perhaps for this quote from Chris Squire about Jon Anderson's current mood/thoughts on the tour: "I think what we're doing now, he's pretty much giving us his blessing,"), but it's still nice to see a major publication/website dedicating some screen inches to a prog band.

Now, if they gave this much space to an article about Art Bears or Harmonium, we'd have something to cheer about ;-)

In any event, click the link to read the article.

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Anonymous said...

Benoit sounds a lot like Jon - I wish I could afford to go see them! :-(