21 November 2008

A breather...

Well now...

My other writing out of the way for another month or two, I can finally turn energies back to here. Thanks for your patience over the past few days as I worked diligently at getting other stuff out of the way :-)

I'm working on 'nagging' a few of my outstanding interviewees to get back to me. I am pleased to say most of them are busy with new projects, including live dates and recording, so it's understandable that their energies and attentions are elsewhere. But I hope to have a new spate of interviews to post for you soon. And there are several reviews in the works as well...

I will be reviewing the new Ayreon boxed set, Time Line.

I will be reviewing the new Frost* album, Experiments in Mass Appeal.

I will be reviewing the new Gamma Ray 2CD 2 DVD set Hell Yeah!

I should be reviewing the new Karmakanic release, Who's The Boss in the Factory?

All this and more. So stay tuned, wouldn't you?

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