17 November 2008

Quarkspace - Spacefolds 9 imminent

The Spacefolds series features raw, improvisational, experimental work from our studio - the best of which gets mixed for release.

Spacefolds 9 is imminent. It will be available soon from the usual host of digital services (iTunes, eMusic, etc.) and on lossless autographed CD-Rs directly from us.

This is a very psychedelic Spacefolds featuring special guests Brandon and Lynnette from The Red Masque and Carl Howard from Nomusic. Here is the track listing:

1. Is it Really? 6.59

2. red melt 7.34

3. Third Score 8.59

4. Ghost Satellite 8.42

5. Al Neri Sleeps with the Angels 7.59

6. Fake Leaping Violinists 6.30

7. six of purple 2.52

8. See How the Stars Fade 10.05

You can check out "Red Melt", one of the tracks of Spacefolds 9 at our myspace website -

This is one of the tracks with all 3 special guests - Lynnette and Brandon from The Red Masque and Carl Howard from Nomusic. It sounds like some warped version of the Jefferson Airplane from an alternate universe.

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