26 November 2008

Rush Snakes & Arrows DVD previews

Courtesy of the people at Rounder Records, I've got some streaming previews from the forthcoming Snakes & Arrows live DVD from Rush. Sadly, I have yet to figure out how to get streaming video like this to work here (gotta read the manual!), but for the moment, I think if you click the following links, it should work just fine:

Far Cry
The Spirit of Radio

The DVD is due for release on...well, 2 days ago, really :-)


Tony said...

dowload the wvx file (the link), open in a text editor. paste the URL that's in there in your browser.

My system had no idea how to open a WVX file.

Anonymous said...

All I could get was music, no picture on an AOL Music Player / Windows player, but I'll keep trying Tony's idea if I can!
But also, I'm only on dial-up, but the music is good, too!