05 November 2008

In The Present - opening night set list

Potential spoilers, so once again there'll be many carriage returns between this introductory paragraph and the meat of the piece. What follows is the opening night set list from the In The Present tour, featuring Steve Howe/Alam White/Chris Squire of Yes, along with Oliver Wakeman and Benoit David.

Don't say I didn't warn you about the spoilers:

(spoiler space)

1st Set:

Firebird Suite

Siberian Khatru

I've Seen All Good People

Heart of the Sunrise

Tempus Fugit


Astral Traveller

Close To The Edge

2nd Set:


And You and I

Mood For a Day


Owner of a Lonely Heart

Long Distance Runaround/The Fish

New Song by Chris- Aliens are Only Us From the Future

Machine Messiah


South Side of the Sky




Anonymous said...

Very interesting line-up. I can't help thinking it would be a little different if Jon was singing. But I look forward to hearing them in Hampton this Friday. He'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the show and can comment on it? I'm not expecting true "YES" but I am expecting these guys to play some great music this Friday in New Hampshire.

Bill K. said...

Here's some thoughts from a poster at YesFans:

The show started with Firebird Suite and then the band took the stage. Steve was on FIRE all night long. Alan was as perfect as ever!! Chris, well, was doing a great job on his end. Chris always plays well. I don't think his singing was as good as I have heard before, but it was still great to hear Chris sing. I am not sure about "Aliens" (not sure that is the title of the song), but the crowd liked it.


Here is how I fell about Benoit. And, again, don't throw stones (yes, that means you too Chris Squire! I know you read this stuff!) at me. I felt that his singing is like hearing a tape copy of Jon, from a tape copy of Jon, of a tape copy of Jon. In other words, kind of like a fax of a fax of a fax. Maybe that was clearer... He tried to do a great version of Jon, but there are so many layers in Jon's voice and emotion that you cannot have someone with sort of like Jon's voice sing it and even as good as it can sound, leaves you with something missing. Tonight's vocals were so far back in the mix - and it was understood why, but that is what left me with a feeling of upset. He does a very credible job, but in my mind, there is no way to fill Jon's shoes with anyone - even as talented as Benoit is to make us feel better about being at the show.

Bill K. said...

And on a side note, I know there are audience shot video clips circulating. I'm sure you know where to look :-)

Tony said...

I'd sort of like to see this tour. Ticket prices are, as predicable, high. Nosebleed seats (4th row fro the BACK WALL) in Reading were over $50. I'll be surfing the usual places for 'samples.' Nice to see that they are playing some of the Drama tunes.

btw. When I saw the title to this post, my first thought was "Hmm. I wonder who this 'In The Present' band is?"

Bill K. said...

Well, I figure the band is trying to not call this Yes, so I won't either.

Even though it's 3/5 Yes, along with the son of a Yes member.

Anonymous said...

You just pushed me over into buying the ticket today. I was putting off the decision (luckily I had that luxury since Ram's Head didn't seem to sell out) but I think I should really see whatever part of Yes I can. (Never seen any part live before!)

Anonymous said...

Nice song list.just bought some general admission seats for Hampton Beach which are all that are left.The "true" yes fans will show up.I've been to at least 23 shows since"big" band in a small venue.Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jon will go see them, doubt it! He can get a bootleg video I'm sure, or a show copy from his band mates...
On YesWorld.Com, did anyone notice that Steve's picture in the band shot is of him looking away? Hmmm!